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  1. So a friend of mine was wondering about getting some art of him and his boyfriend together and asked me to help him out, so I was wondering if you could help out by drawing the below description and if not for free, direct me to a place where someone can draw it for $20 or below... His description of the photo: A wolf and a lion, both male, sit on a brown couch, cuddling and kissing. The lion is a little taller, and the wolf is a little chubbier and wears glasses. A couple video game controllers are lying around as though they were just put down.
  2. The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year, especially chirstams! I would love to have something drawn of me and my BF if you are up to that :3 My ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13124194/ BF Ref: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13330793/
  3. You're the 100th user!

  4. Single colored t-shirt, shorts, and that's really it. Very very basic.
  5. SoFurry is definitely more yiff friendly and a more yiff perspective. I was only on there for a few months and decided to just stick with FA.
  6. Say what job the users sona/avatar above you would have
  7. Been on the internet (actively) since ~2002/3ish. I remember before YouTube existed (pre 2005) everybody was on Google Videos, Newgrounds, or StupidVideos
  8. Horsefur


    Hello everybody, those who were in the old forums would know me somewhat well. My username is Horsefur though I go by Riley so feel free to call me that. I have a puma sona and am a very social and extrovert person that loves meeting new people and having a chat with anyone. I am just about to end HS and go to college soon and that's about all I can think about myself to share.
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