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  1. Do I prefer India Pale Ales because of how hoppy they are? :B
  2. Muh Shekels! I'll rub my hands and take that nickel and throw in a "Why you're an anti-Semite..NOW GIMMIE ALL UR MONEY" pamphlet.
  3. Reminds me of something they'd use on a AS bumper. 8/10
  4. google exactly that on computer for customer use and leave it open.
  5. "God.....forgive me" What's your favorite hunk?
  6. Frig

    Boop the Snoot

    Boop boop de boop.
  7. Be a professional hiding behind the tree and stare creeper.
  8. 6/10 song was alright...Kinda more honest than anything though.
  9. Getting through a level in contra 3 spamming L+R and fire.
  11. It's Merry Christmas cause Christmas is about presents and buying me everything >: c! I better get everything I want this year!!!
  12. For some people I care about to prevail over their habits.
  13. Holy fuck, that blue came out really good and seems even. I'm assuming you lightened your natural a litSqtle bit and then put the blue color on root to ends?
  14. Frig

    Would You Ever...

    Only if the bucket was made with fur pelts. WYE go back in time and live in the 90's armed with only a couple of your favorite modern day electronics.
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