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  1. woops I just learnt your name is pronounced 'Ah-ness'.

    ...wait, you never heard me say it out loud. Ignore this.

  2. evan

    man, not only do i respect the way you think, but you have a beard. just thought you should know that's a highly effective combo.



    1. Onnes


      As a theoretical physicist, I am obligated to go with the mad scientist look.

      Also, it's nice to see these kinds of discussions on serious topics like education returning. You have quite a bit of knowledge there it seems, and more patience than most to not abandon all sanity in that thread.

    2. evan


      i feel like on some level, the image of an academic and a mad scientist are not too different. :P


      i'm just happy to feel relevant. it's hard to get an edge in on any other topic since a lot of it deals in facts i just simply don't have yet as a person, so being able to contribute to a debate and counter ideas is kinda satisfying. 

      honestly man you're saying much more substantive things. i really do respect your input a lot and try to make myself aware of what it entails when you post. so to recieve your praise is very highly appreciated. 

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