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  1. The term "passive aggressive" seems to be suffering here. The posts up there aren't remotely passive and far better fit under "sarcasm" than anything else I can think of. Although this is the unpopular opinions thread, I feel that, since this is the road we're down, serious responses are invited. Ampers& did, in fact, include the usual objection to your argument in her post. Namely that words in active use as targeted slurs, often associated with negative actions up to and including physical violence, will naturally tend to evoke a strong response in those who find themselves routinely targeted. In terms of mental weight, the use of a word as a directed slur will likely far exceed all others by virtue of its implications. There is a complementary way to look at the issue, actually. If you use such a slur, even in an attempt to ``disempower'' it, you will inevitably find yourself seen as affiliated with those of far more malicious intent. This will happen regardless of whether people express offense towards you or how many others decide some slur is fun to say, as long as that slur is still commonly associated with real negative consequences for its targets.
  2. I somewhat modeled my 'sona after my own predilections. I have an incredibly long beard, a ponytail, and I tend to wear pastel colors. I'd go shirtless in the summer but that is a terrible idea.
  3. Well this prompted me to see how the "about me" part of the profile actually worked. Which then left me perplexed because, after editing even my own profile, it didn't show up anywhere conspicuous. I guess I should instead poke it with a stick when it's brighter outside and I'm less entirely asleep. It seems like an unfortunate limitation of the current forum software/settings. I guess an intro post can accomplish the same thing initially, but its permanence is limited. If you want to interact more with users here, I would strongly recommend joining the main Discord chat as well, since a lot of people hang out there. I must say, I find you to be a valued addition to these forums, and I enjoy seeing your perspective here. EDIT: Oh, finally noticed where it ended up in my own profile. That is remarkably pointless and obscure.
  4. Wait, the "tuber" here does not refer to edible plant stems/roots? I feel very misled.
  5. Sorry I'm late, I've been busy lately. Here is an appropriate userstyle: a.ipsButton_like.ipsButton_alternate:after { content: 'Lick this'; position: relative; margin-left: -45px; border-radius: 3px; line-height: 18px; padding: 0 7px; font-size: 11px; background: inherit; } a.ipsButton_like.ipsButton_veryLight:after { content: 'Unlick this'; position: relative; margin-left: -55px; border-radius: 3px; line-height: 18px; padding: 0 7px; font-size: 11px; background: inherit; }
  6. Although that's definitely not a high dose, everyone responds differently. If you're only just starting it, and don't want to fully abandon Citalopram, consider contacting your doctor and halving the dose to 5 mg.
  7. What's the SSRI and starting dose?
  8. Actually, I was offering you the opportunity to give your opinions some backing, either from your own expertise or that of whatever sources you rely on. Being a student (what level?) really doesn't say anything; I teach students your age, and I wouldn't trust them to know a thing about research careers in Physics, for example.
  9. Sylver , you are seemingly arguing from personal experience. This raises the obvious question: what is your actual experience here?
  10. Onnes


    Hello. I heard spiders. Agelenopsis P. audax Banana Wolf I guess I'll post many more later.
  11. Zara's response only seems to make sense if one assumes that he transformed, and I'm paraphrasing, "I agreed with some of Milo's points, but I still find he's a jackass who does not care about other people" into "I would agree with all of Milo's points if he did not present himself as such a jackass".
  12. Do UK students have to study Calculus outside of A-level or other optional programs?
  13. Yeah, there is a world of difference between Competitive and Quick Play.
  14. I've always considered myself a fairly extreme introvert. It was really only after a few years of graduate school that I finally started feeling comfortable socializing with my local peers. Over time, I've come to enjoy it quite a bit.
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