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  1. Hi, you're here, hi.

    Just to let you know, I'm gone from here and abandoning this ghost town, and I'm not going to be dramatic, I'm just going to get to the TLDR with being vague - this forum hasn't supported me and me trying to change, also with the barren amount of content, and not a lot of time am I excited or thrilled to come back here based on my very current experiences, and if the forum can't accept me to try and change things around which I'm trying to and based on what I've said before of lack of thrill and excitement coming and  logging into it, so I think it's good to cut this out.

    You can find me on other forums such as FurAffinty as NerdyMunk and Weasyl as the same and follow me on my various Tumblrs for my characters and creative life, which are all NSFW and lewd based.

    This is CreatorNerd, signing off.

  2. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Playing the Destiny 2 Trial to see if it has any saving grace and it can turn me back to it. Spoiler alert - It doesn't.
  3. unpopular opinions

    Yeah, and I haven't got sick just because I do that, for a long while.
  4. unpopular opinions

    I don't need flu vaccines or whatever if I wash my hands well and cough and sneeze into my elbow.
  5. Dumb Things you Did in Games that Worked

    Flank Pip in Paladins getting rid of a (usually) stubborn sniper.
  6. Destiny 2

    Try another forum, possibly the Bungie forum because you can login with your console's info.
  7. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

  8. The Name Change Thread

    CreatorNerd if it isn't taken please and thank you.
  9. unpopular opinions

    Chick Fil A has bad chicken.
  10. unpopular opinions

    Stop bringing up "minority" issues. A good portion of the United States (including my neighborhood) is full of multiple races, so no, you're not a minority. Swap minority for racial issues.
  11. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Off and on playing Styx Master of Shadows which is an actual stealth game that's very unforgiving. Finishing and having a good time with make my decision to buy the sequel.
  12. The Alt 'Sona Game!

  13. An Overwatch Thread

    Overwatch - A fun game for mike users, not so much for non mike users. I swear to god I don't think my "teammates" know what a payload is, hence me not playing so much.
  14. Fuck Marry Kill

  15. What crime did the user above you commit?

    Caught spying on people.