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  1. 8 $ here, in the capitol of third world country.
  2. I can relate to that. I just make hand gestures to the driver, so they would finally move, but they INSIST for me to cross first most of the time.
  3. And he's doing it, knowing very well that USA needs just one reason (even half of a reason) to bury his positions in explosive taxpayer's money ? Then those are signs of early dementia and he indeed requires a forced retirement.
  4. I'm not so sure it was Assad, who used them. He's the one who gains the least and loses the most from such attack.
  5. Tossing an armed grenade between like 8-10 agents in original X-com. Which allowed to bomb almost any area on the map, but certainly would look ridiculous IRL.
  6. You don't have to excercise in the gym. It's basic physics, really - just spend more energy than you get, and you'll start using up your fat reserves. Any kind of physical activity uses up energy. You could do 20 situps every hour or so, slowly increasing that number, all in the comfort of your own home.
  7. This kind of people usually has no idea about quantum tunneling, so yes. I mean them.
  8. When people talk about negative energy with a straight face.
  9. We don't celebrate it here, thankfully.
  10. Chances for what ? You aren't obliged to talk to people. There isn't some quota, like "talk to 10 people a week or go to jail". Forcing yourself to interact is the exact reason why interacting makes you anxious. Just do what you enjoy
  11. Smokers are pathetic. We should consider adding something to the cigs, so they die faster and rid the world of their existance.
  12. As in most MMOs, there were beggars in Perfect World : Online. So, I come up to this guy spamming "give money please" in general chat, offer him a trade, and put 5 000 000 for offer. He immediatelly smashes "accept the trade". And I just go for a nap, leaving him drooling over my money for 7 hours.
  13. Recent advances in the field of virtual reality renewed my hope for a device, that allows to filter out humans from my perception, replacing them with colored rectangles instead, just to display their collision boundaries. Silent colored rectangles, as I want human sounds to be filtered out as well, and replaced with toggleable subtitles/speech bubbles.
  14. Internet is the best option. All my RL friends (all three of them) are the result of years and years of internet bonding.
  15. You could work nightshifts and avoid human company.
  16. We're like therapy dogs, but for people who prefer sergals over dogs. We do all the stuff people expect sergals to do.
  17. Well, it's quite simple : USA is often the target, because they're all over the news. Entire world has to follow american politics (even though I have a gag reflex when someone mentions Trump already). If your country kept it quiet, like in 19th century, you wouldn't get that much flak.
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