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  1. How it is hard to grow a discord server, and how it is even harder to get tiny >50 member ones to merge with the one I’m a admin in.
  2. That important computer parts like RAM and graphics cards are now stupidly expensive for the time being. Also how those M.2 SSDs despite being easy to put in almost always turn SATA ports off.
  3. I have got stuck on this very hard trigonometry and waves related question on my engineering maths unit. If I don’t have this done by Monday I’ll ruin my final grade. I wrote the functions it asks you to use from the last question into the limited room I had. If anybody solve with working both part a and b I’ll be thankful. I have seen this sort of compound angle related stuff in A-level maths books, that’s how hard it is.
  4. Out comes the slug, the lettuce leaf having been eaten by it. In goes my electronics project I have had sitting around for a while.
  5. I am stuck on this buoyancy related question and it’s frustrating me because if I screw up and get this wrong I’ll ruin my grade for the course: A sub has a total mass of 9,000,000 kg including crew and equipment. The vessel consists of two parts, the pressure hull with a volume of 6500 m^3 and the ballast tanks which have a volume of 3000 m^3 What percentage of the sub’s volume is above the water surface when the tanks are filled with air? How much water in cubic meters must be admitted into the tanks to give the sub neutral buoyancy? (Negate the mass of air in the tanks and use 1.025 as the specific gravity of seawater.) If anybody can solve this tell me, I have posted this on many discord servers and they all got me differing answers. It makes the thermodynamics stuff I put here a year ago look like a cakewalk.
  6. How uneven the difficulty on my course is. The maths has been nightmarish with one stupidly big equation and other things on it. Whereas the electrical stuff so far is too easy. None of this math is spefically engineering related either. At this rate because of how screwing up one assignment in a unit stops you getting any of the higher grades on that unit I’ll be lucky if I come out with a merit overall. The equation was so complex that when putting all the numbers in for each value and raising them to the right power (because some units had different metric prefixes) my calculator ran out of memory and I couldn’t finish entering the values needed.
  7. I have made the rather worrying discovery that it’s not just my maths knowledge that has faded since my last course but also my knowledge on thevermin’s and Norton’s theorem, I can only manage using them on very basic circuits right now.
  8. Started to decay all over and give off alpha radiation, parts have turned into Th-231
  9. At least you are not doing dimensional analysis stuff that wants you show that Cd (Cd being discharge coefficient) is dimensionless. And to rearrange a formula I find too hard to rearrange due to its size. (I can only manage small 3-4 term ones) Stuff with mass flow rate and volume flow rate caught a few of my class out at first, me included.
  10. How I'm supposed to use dimensional analysis to do this deriving equation stuff. First question on this part of the assignment wants this done with the pendulum formula. The second wants it with deriving units for G in newton's universal gravitation formula somehow. And the third question wants me to derive Reynolds number from some quantities that make the formula for it.
  11. Questions on dimensional analysis. Especially this one that wants me to show one constant in this equation is dimensionaless. And make one of the terms the subject of the equation for the second part. For the record I've not even covered this related thing to dimensional analysis called the Buckingham pi theorem. I don't think I'll need to know that yet though.
  12. I think I have taken on more than I can manage with this HE engineering course. I was vastly outpaced on a lesson designed to prove everyone's general maths skills because I had largely forgotten how to transpose equations and do fractions stuff mentally.
  13. Lopaw

    Here I sit

    I've mentioned a lot of math stuff subconsciously as well at times I've have forgotten. It is most likely you processing information in your sleep and getting confused over the result. That or you are feeling nervous about where this internship will go.
  14. Having finished my engineering course I'm slightly nervous about the difficulty of the HNC I'm taking next.
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