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  1. The rayman fans are only going to feel more anguish at the fact this crossover game is a thing that's happening.
  2. This is one of the most depressing songs I've heard in a game.
  3. Working on the largest lump of written work for my course. The entire thing is more like a report if anything and goes on for 17 pages (could have been less without stupid formatting that is required) and I have to have it done by today. The truly hated bit is it is one of the few bits of work that needs a bibliography doing in Harvard style. I understand at degree level they are needed but on a level 3 course it's a bit much to ask for. I can't be arsed doing inline stuff like a science journal does it so I've just chucked relevant references off google scholar into the bibliography. I'm not quoting anything from them, just using them to prove I researched for this report so I should be good in regards to plagiarism.
  4. *solenoid boop* If you need more booping just turn the PWM up so the solenoid goes back and forth faster.
  5. How minecraft won't slow down development or at least do a code freeze to allow mod development to catch up.
  6. *High impedance boop*
  7. I watched Ed Edd n Eddy a lot in 1999 and a great deal into the 2000s I also watched the mighty ducks a few times, the theme is mostly what stuck it in memory, that and anthro ducks. Detest the live action movie though for being unrelated. Hey Arnold also had a addictive theme but as I mostly watched stuff on Cartoon Network and only watched nickelodeon when nothing was on CN I didn't watch it a great deal. Honourable mentions for decent themes: Cow and chicken, CNs answer to Ren and stimpy Most of the anime on toonami at the time Freakazoid The theme of the video collection ident that was on much of my VHS collection in the 90s. Though it is technically a 80s thing used well into the 90s. Those in the US will know it as strand home video.
  8. Rhubarb is awesome if a bit sour. The forced sort (made to grow in sheds) is sweet instead and less stringy but I don't think you can get it outside the UK. It will grow more or less anywhere that gets cold on occasion.
  9. Granted, you fight for some time but eventually your instincts kick in and you end up killing your lemur opponent. I wish I could become a weasel for a week.
  10. If this place wants new blood I suggest as many people on here as possible who also go on mid sized forums, (or undead anywhere online) advertise this place in a suitable place on one of those mid sized forums to try and garner interest, even if it is a forum focusing on something as oddball as say, knitted toilet roll dolls. Don't forget to mention specifically we are looking for new blood to help us grow and don't make the ad look overtly spammy.
  11. It only took me 5-6 years after making my fursona to find that weasels are plantigrade animals. I was so crap at drawing him back then looking back on things. At one point I didn't even bother with drawing his tail. I'm tempted to go back into the old art and fix things though illustrator is a pain to use.
  12. I'd rather they bring the entire C&C series back full stop.
  13. Those places where you can only get a phone signal if your phone is on the right network. Too much of the UK has vast areas where only one network has coverage. And there are even more places where the is none whatsoever.
  14. *muti boop*