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  1. I've mentioned a lot of math stuff subconsciously as well at times I've have forgotten. It is most likely you processing information in your sleep and getting confused over the result. That or you are feeling nervous about where this internship will go.
  2. Having finished my engineering course I'm slightly nervous about the difficulty of the HNC I'm taking next.
  3. I think most of the things in the images so far have the word steampunk in just to try and draw more search results. I can't believe sticking random circuit boards and a speaker on a bit of cloth would make it worth $10 let alone $185. $40 for a valve stuck to a jar lid is absurd, assuming it hasn't burnt out you can likely sell it for more than that to people who restore old TVs, radios and audio things.
  4. Had a accident with sheep shears.
  5. If I did go with one as part of a new build I'd probably have a smallish SSD as a boot drive and just stick everying else on a RAID 1 setup. I'd figure a lot of SSD failures are because it's still rather hard to make the special floating gate MOSFETs used to form the memory cells in the things. Wear levelling is meant to make the cells last longer.
  6. I've only just come back here lately, how this all start?
  7. And this is why I'm not touching SSDs for some time, even though a lot of people use them more nowadays.
  8. Out come a lot of actual bugs like bedbugs and stinkbugs. In goes a 486 based PC from 1992
  9. Boops many times
  10. Out comes a glass of water with carbon dioxide bubbles stuck in it. In goes a bowl of raw cookie dough.
  11. How I'm likely going to have to go into college next week despite not having anything to do (handed in the last assignment) just so my attendance doesn't drop.
  12. How college has more or less not managed to cover the last 2 assignments in the time the course has left to run. I've literally got one question left on the last assignment that I thought I couldn't finish but just found I can by using various formulae to get the needed numbers for what I'm calculating for.
  13. Granted, it works until you bounce so hard you break the glass dome containing your lunar jungle and cause it to undergo explosive decompression, wreaking all the trees. I wish I had a ferret trained to run cables through small conduits like what NASA has used for doing wiring for launchpads
  14. 3 phase delta connected boop