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  1. How I'm likely going to have to go into college next week despite not having anything to do (handed in the last assignment) just so my attendance doesn't drop.
  2. How college has more or less not managed to cover the last 2 assignments in the time the course has left to run. I've literally got one question left on the last assignment that I thought I couldn't finish but just found I can by using various formulae to get the needed numbers for what I'm calculating for.
  3. Granted, it works until you bounce so hard you break the glass dome containing your lunar jungle and cause it to undergo explosive decompression, wreaking all the trees. I wish I had a ferret trained to run cables through small conduits like what NASA has used for doing wiring for launchpads
  4. 3 phase delta connected boop
  5. I'm getting cool 13-15 C nights but stupid 88% humidity cancels the cooling effect. Bye bye any chance of sleeping, even after my evening coffee wears off it just isn't happening.
  6. Granted, however it is such a pain for people to make software that works with it that very little titles are made for the system. Whist you make a fortune on it the failure of it to sell loads wipes out 95% of your profits. I wish there where more hours in the day.
  7. As far as I know rats have to be kept in pairs at least (or more) because lone ones stress out and run their lifespan down as a result.
  8. Out comes a shovelful of sand. In goes a copy of the assignment I have been stuck on.
  9. Out comes a DRM fursuit with what seems like a poor attempt at bypassing the DRM attempted on it by cutting circuit board traces. In goes a fursuit with accidentally bricked firmware.
  10. Out comes a complete trigonometry set In goes a firmware update for the vending machine
  11. How one of the questions in one of my assignments wants me to calculate all kinds of parameters for a parallel RLC circuit. This would be easy to do as I know where to use the formulae needed. However the circuit in the question has a resistor in series with a inductor (series RL) with a capacitor in parallel to them which means it can't be solved like a parallel RLC circuit and therefore has me stuck.
  12. Granted, the global jungle you wanted works fine until a fire breaks out, with no treeless areas to act as a firebreak and contain things the entire forest burns down. I wish I had a fossa as a pet.
  13. Out come the same dozen fursuits but reduced significantly in size and looking no cleaner. In go the shrunken fursuits with a good helping of Daz wash powder.
  14. Out comes the same old computer desk but with a Commodore 64 on it plus assorted peripherals. In goes 8 oz of rice sold for just 2p and 8 oz of lyle's black treacle.
  15. Out comes a solved Rubik's cube that looks like it has been brute forced. In goes a good looking male anthro otter.