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  1. My sona is a dragonwolf, but until I find someone to commission to do a profile picture, the chocobo stays, damn it!
  2. Well, yesterday I had another seizure, and it happened just after work, so now I'm considering quitting my job and applying for disability benefits. The question, of course, is should I? If I do, I'll have to quit my job and I'll never be self sufficient.
  3. I tried a Coca Cola yesterday after not having one for five years. It was like drinking liquid uranium. Just...ugh....
  4. *hugz* I wish you the best of times!
  5. I tend to prefer fizzy lime flavored water or Coke Zero. And a screwdriver or two.
  6. Two furries were in Colorado today, I got their photo from my mate, and now I wonder if they're from the forums!
  7. Epilepsy. Had a seizure last week. As of last Thursday, I cannot own anything like my Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS2, or even a DS.
  8. I filled in the form twice, as somehow I misspelled my name. Apparently there's a space between Frozen and Glacier. I never knew.
  9. I know what you're going through, to feel helpless. I'll be doing a MRI tomorrow to figure out what's wrong with my brain, but I know what the problem is. It also costs me $500 out of pocket, and my paycheck doesn't come along till July 8th, so I'm feeling pretty down myself. I also cannot play games either.
  10. I've never cared about the difference between people. Maybe that's true equality, everyone in the world seeing you as a person, and only a person?
  11. If anyone's interested, I can write dialogue exchanges and other stuff for your very own game! Note: game not included.
  12. I have no pants. Khakis, that is. I have no light brown shorts or jeans for my job next week. Also no t-shirts. I don't really get out much, so I don't care what I wear most of the time.
  13. I don't have a job....yet. I'll just put down zero, ok?
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