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  1. I doubt the man thinks there's any point to life. Just actions and consequences. Though, who knows if he wants children of any kind. What if he doesn't?
  2. That's simply the way he types. It can get confusing at times. What matters in this situation is he bothered to ask. Nothing wrong with that right? I know emotions can skew your view on things and often is justified - can't criticize that. Though, there's nothing to get out of making relationships worse.
  3. @FlynnCoyote I can't force you to sympathize with what he's done: he's left burdens on his wife, kids, family and friends, but coming the decision to commit suicide is not an easy one. It takes quite a bit of time for your emotions to attack your body. If your boss was close to your former co-worker, they might fall into the grieving cycle which may affect how they interact with you and your co-workers. I urge you to support your boss in that time, even if you don't feel anything for the dead man.
  4. Fair enough. Sounds like a private matter... Promises can do more harm than good. Just be mindful of that. Have a good one.
  5. I'd rob Sidewalk too. You should buy 40 packs of M&Ms
  6. So you want people to laugh at you? You think that pressure will turn you into a diamond? I once had pity on you, and I still do.
  7. i wonder how long it will take the sun to scorch it. Congrats @Carenath. Your forum has been a success so far. I really hope you can come out and celebrate it.
  8. Hey, hello! It's everyone's favorite salamander. I've thought about you, but I didn't recognize your name.

    1. Terminal7


      I wish I could come up with a good enough response, but I can't really think of one.

      I guess I could tell you that I felt similarly when S.S. FAF crashed and you weren't on Phoenixed for a while. You must've been busy.


  9. I feel awful for doing this. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21183287/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16044836/ (This is for hands and feet only) As a Guard maybe? Can I pay you back in some way?
  10. Lol. You're seriously overreacting to this. A 4.0 GPA is already pretty extreme. If I was an admissions officer, I would ask what your extracurriculars are and what you can bring to our college - not what number you can bring with you. Unless you're thinking about going to an Ivy League School, it's really not that big of a deal(I actually don't know where you live). You'll find that your extracurriculars, SAT/ACT scores, and college essay are more valuable than a tiny blemish on your GPA.
  11. It might take you a while to value a good conversation, to love it's modesty, and how inexpensive it is on your wallet. If you have a problem with how they conduct themselves, it might be best to be upfront about it - maybe even change the subject. Communication is key in all of this, but remember to have some tact (for their's and your sake). Speak up.
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