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  1. Just but the entire furry fandom fursuits so they will stop whining about wanting one, thats gotta make a dent right? .....nope.....
  2. I'm Really late to post these, but the holidays have been really hectic for me:3 excuses aside, this was awesome to receive!! IT'S CRUNCHY WAAAAHHHH!!!! Even the feet were right! THE DETAIL!!!! It's amazing I'm in tears :'D Thank you so much @galaxy-meow
  3. Wow, who gives a shit if games don't represent a large spectrum of sexualities, they are just games, they don't govern you, get over it. Besides gays already suffer from the "sitcom gay" stereo type, if gays are going to be injected into every game for mah equality or whatever they are going to embrace that stereo type, fuck that.
  4. I'm coming up on a year of drawing in the furry fandom, I can't wait to do a before and after, I feel as if I have come a long way! Here is the first piece I made of Crunchy And this is the first fury drawing I ever made! \\ I feel as I have grown greatly, it is really an amazing feeling to do what you love and see improvement, draw every day and you will succeed!!! me now: a lil nsfw.. but it's just balls :V http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18398180/
  5. Crunchy


    This is some absolute bullshit, one of the most malicious and disgusting posts I have seen here. Yeah I rejoined the forums too late to understand everything behind the hate of Rassah, but every thing I read with the name Ashley Ashes tied to it seems to be some sort of disgusting put down like this. Don't you have anything better to do with your life besides trying to embarrass yourself? You seem to treat every topic with the attitude of "I'm going to be right no matter what I say." I can't believe people haven't called you out on your bullshit yet. I understand I am essentially defending a person this forum finds to be a complete piece of shit but, you,Ashley are absolutely toxic, more so than any shit poster here. Because at least we can laugh with the shit posters. You provide no entertaining commentary, you only exude complete bitchiness. I mean come on, was that post really necessary? I'm posting this at you to give a tick for tac if you actually feel you are any better a presence than that Rassah guy.
  6. Crunchy

    Me IRL

    XMAS IS COMING!!!!!!
  7. Crunchy


    You know, I have been lurking this thread for a while now, and I have not spoken up until now, but as of recent events, I MUST. This is a strange conglomeration of opinions on many things and that's one of the things I enjoy most about this forum it's not so much as so little as to do with what everything is, but it is within our self interest to understand the typography of our lives unto ourselves. That is why I know we can all be the change in this forum that we are meant to be, vote on this most important straw poll to prove your undieing dedication to a false god within yourself: http://strawpoll.me/6289959
  8. Your sex life is like the square root of negative one, It's fucking imaginary bitch, WHAT! sick burnz 420 blaze it.
  9. I got a package today!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHH IT"S FROM SANTA PAWS!!! YEEEE I'll prolly wait till the 25th to open and be a good batty. but it keeps staring at me.
  10. All these electric fence stories, It's really helping me feel less stupid, thank you!
  11. aw shit I can't wait, I love giving gifts, I am sending my package in a couple days so it will arrive closer to x-mas day >:D yeeeeeeeeeeee
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