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  1. $10 full bodies, with a minimal decorative background! Optional: $7 half body with a minimal decorative background uvu Full body | Half body Message me here, da, fa, toyhou.se, email me at madeleighelizabethart@gmail.com or comment, only taking a few of these as a little holiday project! This is cross posted on toyhouse, but here I'm doing a special five extra slots for my furry friends uvu. I prefer to draw ladies, but I can draw boys and everything in between, antro/human/feral, but nothing too mechy. NSFW is female ONLY, sorry, i just dont draw boy parts.. But i can do your request if it's covered! ;D They won't be holiday themed unless you ask! PLEASE HAVE PHOTO REFERENCES... I won't take your request if I feel as though I don't have enough references, I'm sorry! 5/5 SLOTS OPEN
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