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  1. Is it just me or is this forum pretty much dead? or is everyone hanging out in the 18+ section?
  2. How does one define a fact when all our perceptions of reality are based off of our social location and most of the facts we receive have not been verified by our perceptions, rather that of others who have perceived it communicating it to us with words that can all be taken subjectively by our own interpretations? :v
  3. I love that moment when you're actually smart and make a good stock investment, just made an easy $20 off of Microsoft's earnings call with little to no effort
  4. I play baseball for my school on scholarship, and I have no money, so I need to keep the scholarship which means going to those workouts. Money yo
  5. Two words, morning workouts. I'm not a morning person, so waking up at 6:25 to do a one hour insanity workout doesn't really help my grades or physical health.
  6. Totally forgot about this one >.> may as well share
  7. It was nice talking to him, I got a few good long conversations in with him including one the day before he died, interesting person to talk to when I had the chance, shame he went the way he did
  8. Nothing wrong with liking childish things, hell most of the childish things that exist are fun like Chuck E. Cheese. The issue with people is that as they get older they think they can't have fun anymore because the stress of life gets to them and they need to be responsible. So long as you're able to function in society and keep yourself afloat financially there's nothing wrong with liking childish things, its your life and I can almost guarantee you'll find people who share that sentiment if you go looking ^-^
  9. I was looking around for possible makers to commission and I've seen a bunch of information on who is good to commission, who isn't, but much of the information I've seen here or elsewhere seems to either be a bit outdated or there happens to be a lack of information to some degree. Does anyone have any good experience with any makers or have any recommendations they could pass along?
  10. It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and they were off to the market. Deciding to take a scenic route through the park, they were walking by the lake when out of nowhere a ninja came and stabbed them! Then out of nowhere a Nazi came and shot them and if that wasnt enough a pots and pans robot came and shot them with a phaser, not set to stun! But luckily they were brought to the vet by a passing T-Rex who happened to see the incident and they were quickly nursed back to health
  11. Just came back from Anthrocon and loved going despite not interacting with pretty much anyone
  12. Why has no one mentioned me? Am I not weird enough? ;-; I guess I just gotta try harder
  13. their whole body turned completely white... like so white that it blinds people... and the doctor that tried to figure out whats wrong accidentially stabbed them with a scalpel... so they had to go to another vet after the first
  14. you better bet I'm laying traps for all the Otters out there... no one will suspect an otter.... and the foxes shall reign supreme....
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