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  1. I forgot about the game during the first night phase.
  2. My guess is that he's the Tanner, who wins by dying. Unvote Zop.
  3. Unless it's a clever double-bluff intended to make us think he's just Zop being Zop while he actually is a werewolf. Or he could be a Tanner.
  4. Zop seems awfully eager to kill someone... Vote Zop.
  5. The Sonichu "fan"art is fucking gold. Also, this thread is now about Sonichu and CWC instead of whatever the hell it was about before.
  6. I can't even become popufur on these forums, and I'm a certified attention whore. I don't know how one becomes popufur across the entire fandom.
  7. I never knew there was a Chris-Chan Wiki. I want links right the hell now.
  8. Does Encyclopedia Dramatica count as "scientific"?
  9. I wish he had found a cure for cancer instead, because I think I just got it. Also, the fucking quote box up top won't go away. -.-
  10. I snagged Insurgency off the Steam sale last month. I haven't put too much time into it yet, but I really enjoy what I've gotten to play so far. Unfortunately, I suck, because I don't have the patience for the "sit and wait for the other guy to get bored and rush first" game. I have ARMA 2 as well, but my PC absolutely hates it for some reason. It runs way worse than anything else in my library, even GTA V.
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