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  1. I think I recall my Gen X cousin complaining about this, 20 years ago...
  2. Summercat


    After a few years planning and having to push them back due to events, I'm finally back enrolled in college. Simultaneously, I've also enrolled myself in a 24 hour gym and plan to go after work each night/morning. I'm on medication that flat out solves the root of a lot of my problems, if still leaves me with the coping habits. I've been together with a wonderful man for two years, and we'll be living together before 2016 is over. All in all? Things are looking up, despite other events happening. Changes like these were a long time coming, but they're here now. Hopefully it's not too late.
  3. Sadly, I am male. And not in New York. On the plus side I credit this thread for helping me push over the edge and sign up for a gym, so there's that.
  4. Where can I get these shots ;-; (Yes. I know. Am Joking.)
  5. Speaking as a millennial that is currently in a uniform, at work, and has a much stricter appearance code (Must be clean-shaven, hair must be fairly short, no visible tattoos, no piercings aside maybe an ear if you are a girl, no jewelry visible), and am perfectly fine with that, I think anecdote vs anecdote washes out. About the only thing I get peeved on slightly is the beard. I miss mine. I had the whole Jewish Patriarch thing going on.
  6. So much fun; and in need of some changes as well Going to have to chew on their forums hard for a few things. Sectors are nice, but splitting up the special resources by sector is just annoying.
  7. I almost called out of work so I can keep playing it. I *was* almost late. It's a grand strategy 4X game in space made by the developers of Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. It is epic. Also only 40 bucks.
  8. http://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/ ITS THE BEST GRAND STRATEGY DEVELOPER DOING SCIFI
  11. Initial costs of infrastructure are always fairly high, yes. We're also overdue for overhauling our electrical grid.
  12. "To date, the company says it invested over $850 million in the renewable energy sector, and only around $30 million of which came through RE<C." RE<C was a specific program being shut down by Google. It covered about 3.5% of their total 'Green' spending. I'm pretty certain that shuttering a specific program was not them abandoning green tech like how TechCrunch led in the headline. Also, what these two RE<C engineers said was that a fully-renewable energy civilization wasn't possible. I could have told you that was likely, without having done the math myself. That's why I prefer fission plants of some sort for energy generation baseline, and solar/wind/anaerobic where possible. I also wonder if they looked into tidal harnesses, the fact our electrical grid has a shitton of losses, and that energy efficiency is rising as well. Probably, I hope.
  13. It's already illegal to assault or sexually harass people, and there has been no showing that trans-men/women have done enough of this sort of activity to warrant additional action. How about we just let people void their bowels and bladders in the restroom of their choice and deal with the perverts individually?
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