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  1. Rust. they've just added boats, so why not take the opportunity to build a boathouse and become pirates!
  2. Sabaton are great, they sing about all sorts of war related stuff.
  3. Thats exactly like it in csgo. I have to be the friendly face to remind teammates that we wont loose and dond give up.i may thing someone did an awful job in a round but you just dont say tgey are a noob like people do. You say aww badluck, goodtry ect. Just keeps players positive.
  4. I complained to amazon. They gave me a refund, extended my prime by 1 month and have opened an investigation with the courier.
  5. there is a courier called my hermes, their drivers are self employed and use their own vehicles to deliver in their local area. my family and me has had all sorts of problems with them in the past, as our local driver refuses to deliver to us. naturally, living in a farm our driveway is a bit bumpy and rocky, but any vehicle can drive up it fine. even the postman in his pretty low van. this local driver doesnt come back 3 times like they are supposed to do and every time he will just say he cant come up the driveway. i ordered something on amazon on thursday with next day delivery so i can get it before i head away for work on sunday night as i work away all week. i got home about 10pm of friday night and found i did not get my parcel, i looked at my emails and saw amazon used hermes to deliver and then i immediately knew why it hadn't come. Saturday it didn't come either. we have complained about our driver before, to the extent that the local warehouse manager personally came and delivered our parcel and found nothing wrong at all with our driveway, he came in a low down hatchback too! so i went online, opened the live chat (because apparently you cant just ring them anymore) and complained, they looked at my parcel info and confired its being sent back to amazon already! they then said is it wasnt their problem and id have to take it up with amazon! even though they are the ones who are supposed to be delivering it. so not only am i not getting my package in time i have paid next day delivery for nothing.. i really wish amazon gave you a choice of couriers to use.
  6. I dont mind either but i drive a manual. Manual is very common in Europe though and a lit of people consider it lazy to drive an automatic. Only problem is in heavy traffic you will wear out the clutch more.
  7. You could try reporting it to the council? They might be able to sort something out. Did anyone else complain about it?
  8. Yeah skoda is European. Its a Czech car. Used to have a really bad reputation but they are actually quite good now.
  9. thanks. its a 2013 skoda octavia elegance. 2L diesel.
  10. pro csgo player (i wish) http://steamcommunity.com/id/jellybaby1123
  11. one of my all time favourite games and soundtracks.
  12. i am going to buy a gaming laptop next week, due to my work being in hotels during the week. im looking to buy this. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/msi-apache-pro-ge62vr-15-6-gaming-laptop-black-10158038-pdt.html it has an intel Core i7-7700HQ, 16gb ram, 1tb hdd and a 128gb ssd and a gtx 1060. will this laptop be good for livestreaming on twitch/ making youtube videos? or just for gaming? thanks!
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