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  1. Thank you for acknowledging that it is a belief/an opinion. You are a hero of these forums. It's called an overstatement. It is a way of writing in rhetoric that is intended to make a point come across more clearly, but for you, apparently not. You are more than welcome to lead that kind of life if you wish to and your partner (or, ahem, PARTNERS) agree(s), but I'm against it and I wouldn't. I can agree that my statement about communication was idiotic, but beyond that, I'm not for it.
  2. Well gee, I dunno', is a relationship really all that special if it's open season? I suppose a relationship could work with more people involved, but I wouldn't call it love, since I believe love can only exist between two people at a time. If someone wants to open the doors for others, then I think that's because those they do love aren't satisfying them enough, which is why they'd seek others to satisfy them. Overall, if someone and their partners need other people to come in instead of bothering with this fantastic social invention called "communication", then I believe that just makes for a toxic life for all involved.
  3. Trump supports the robot industry because it will make America great again without having to provide benefits. THINK OF THE SAVINGS!
  4. No, but if you want I'm sure a robot will let you be its human.
  5. Given the way I act I'll be surprised if I'll even be an Eighth Note.
  6. This is why partials are superior.
  7. Well, I couldn't give less of a flying fuck if he has a strong opinion about anytthing, really. It doesn't affect me now, does it? Still, insulting people over an opinion over an episode from a CHILDREN'S CARTOON is nothing short of immature.
  8. Do you sit up at night, worrying that the next day, your boss will call you, saying that you no longer need to come in because a ROBOT stole your job? You're not alone. The robot-technology development has full speed ahead and even now, robots can be bought by the wealthiest of businessmen to do their work for them. Robots never complain, robots don't need time off, so it's an understandable investment in order to save money. Naturally this makes the proletariats somewhat upset that they may lose their jobs. Millions or even BILLIONS out of work because the robots took their jobs. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? But has everyone thought it over? The robots are our future and they will ensure a safe and secure society. Here's how: Robots will start taking our jobs which leaves us out of work, but this will give us all the time in the world to relax! Worried about the robots breaking down? Other robots will take care of it. Worried about a lack of food? Robots will be out to hunt and raise it. Worried about lawbreakers? Robots will be specifically designed to indiscriminately give them a bashing. This solves racism in the police too! Robots can be designed to recognize speech patterns as well. Worried about someone saying something mean to you? The robots will be there to help you, tearing apart that dirty thought-criminal. This will also help censore unpopular ideas. No more homophobes, racism, religious people (except for Muslims. They'll be designed to be extra careful with them cuz' "MUH MUHAMMAD"), The robots could even be designed to pay extra attention to white people becvause they're like; THE MOST RACIST OF ALL, RIGHT?!!!!! A robot-controlled society will ensure that no-one can work to make more than what is available (if they try to, the robots will stop them) and make it possible for us all to relax without having to worry about anything. calm down, you'll be safe, the robots will take care of you...
  9. Confessions? Well I browse Craigslist a lot. And it works. :V
  10. Kudos to the banks for not catering to the irrational needs of young adults.
  11. Woohoo! We are now one step closer to an open and accepting America.
  12. Granted! We're sending you to the sun, where you will never freeze again for the rest of your life! I wish I could get a day off.
  13. Always sucks to lose a friend. Condolences.
  14. I was lonely and needed furiends. On a more serious note, found it to be fascinating and kind of cool to dress up and have fun, not caring what on-lookers think. Sure, some furries complain that the furless degenerates just "don't understand", but disregarding them, I think it's fun.
  15. All of sudden I get the urge to write neo-nazi propaganda just to troll these people.
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