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  1. ITT: Flaunt your Fabulous Fursona

    Been awhile since I posted some art here so
  2. Nothing beats Bad Religion singing Christmas songs I love Christmas now that I have a job and can offered to buy presents for my family it's been a good couple of years unfortunately I had a lot of bad years but I won't get into here as this is a thread about being happy around the holidays @GarthTheWereWolf looks like you really love Christmas dude
  3. Most Aggressive "Merry Christmas" Ever.

    Just wish everyone a happy christmahanakwanzika
  4. People on the internet are weird ?!
  5. 40K Forum Games!

  6. Rave: Night Shifts

    As someone who did third shift maintenance at a Walmart for two years I have a particular hatred for third shift as I had to deal with so many crazy people tweaked out on meth or drunk as a skunk or my favorite part oding in the bathroom and ripping the toilet out of the ground as the cops try to remove them or my favorite part having to hear the movie Frozen 12 times a night for three months straight fun times :V
  7. Red Dead 3!!!!!!!!!!

    It's Red Dead redemption 2 not 3 and if you have a PC your out if luck because it's a console exclusive
  8. ITT: Flaunt your Fabulous Fursona

    Look I'm a spooky vampire Arts by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spazzticglitch/
  9. What the hell why did it not let me exit out of the qoute anyways FA has always had horrible security so it's no surprise that it was hacked and will probably be again neer ,chase and other people involved with the mainsite have proven time and time again at their ineptitude at managing FA
  10. Yes and after we take over will make cricket illegal and make them use them use the French pronunciation of words
  11. Triple murder within the fandom

    I looked and didn't see one if there is I didn't see it
  12. Those of you who live in southern California may have heard about the murders in Fullerton what you may not have heard or maybe you did was that the murders and victims were involved with the fandom this has of course made people within the fandom worry About the backlash that is likely to occur Rolling Stone did a article on the subject http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/furry-community-shocked-after-gory-triple-murder-w443647