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  1. I just installed the latest version. Could someone else try to see if Saxon's "fix" is replicable?
  2. Does it? I switched from Chrome to Firefox and I still have the same problem.
  3. I'm still running a Phenom II X4 for a CPU hahahah what is wrong with me. I wanna switch to Intel and try building a hackintosh tbh
  4. One shouldn't have to use two browsers to get a site to work properly lmao
  5. He had to ignore all replies so he could build up to his precious Pythagoras example, the treasure that it is
  6. B-but you're already missing half an ear!! How much more damage can you take?
  7. We actually share a lot more cars in common nowadays! Your Kuga is our Escape, your Mondeo is our Fusion, and we all have the Focus/Fiesta in common.
  8. i drive a 2004 ford escape mazda tribute it's the strippy model with the 4 cyl sending all of its barely three figure horsepower to the front wheels only via a 5 speed manual i love the fucker
  9. holy fuck he linked a political comic he's got the most valid point
  10. I don't get it. you're taking issue with the whole site because of one poster? furthermore, you're going to paint them as problematic because of an opinion they share? further still, you're not going to respect them, not even with a rebuttal if your opinions are different, but rather you'll label them as "from Tumblr," therefore writing them off as wrong and stupid? what ground are you expecting to cover with this "point," that you're incompetent of actual debate and because someone's got a perspective totally different from yours, that makes them unworthy of recognition? and then you don't explain yourself. you post a screencap and say "fucking look at that shit," assuming everyone here is on the same page with your flawed viewpoint. that's just flippant.
  11. Placing ad space on FA seems like it might cause people to associate us with them.
  12. i do not think that the popularity and longevity of the forum is going to be decided with the name. kalmor has reason to be concerned about these things, as they're important, but the name cannot possibly make or break the outcome of the forum as a whole over the long-term
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