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  1. What job would the sona/avatar above you have?

    Molerat Breeder
  2. Flavor of the User Above you

    Suburban mom wine
  3. change a word

    Nearly Shirtless Steve
  4. Flavor of the User Above you

    Lmao. That's what I originally put, but auto-correct did Cale, cause that totally makes more sense. Fanatic tastes like pennies and blood.
  5. Some bad advice for the user above!

    Remember kids! The special alone time your Daddy spends with you is a good thing.
  6. change a word

    Nearly Headless Nick
  7. What job would the sona/avatar above you have?

    Interior Decorator
  8. change a word

    Baby chocolate milf
  9. Flavor of the User Above you

    Is it appropriate to say haggis? Fuck it, Imma say it anyways. Haggis, Cale. You taste like Haggis.
  10. Wish Corruptor

    Granted, you're kidnapped and sold into slavery. If you don't do what you're told, you're beaten and starved. I wish my feet weren't always cold
  11. change a word

    Yes! No! Fuck...
  12. Flavor of the User Above you

    Wild game? Idk. I'm bad at this
  13. Wish Corruptor

    Granted, you have the money to go see the concert, but someone steals your tickets. Bordeaux is destroyed in an ISIS attack. Confuzzled is cancelled, and your Foxbutt mysteriously disappeared. I wish that I don't get fired today. (For realz tho)