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  1. weeps If only my art was good enough to do an art trade with :0 I love your style!
  2. Sounds good! I'll work on your half asap
  3. So I have about a week of free time (outside work) before school kicks me in the shin. I figured I'd try to open a couple slots so I'm not overwhelmed with priorities! Granted people actually want to trade with me, rofl. Examples of my art can be found on my Furaffinity account. I can only draw feral since it's literally the only thing I can do. As for the character, you can always do my fursona - who is (gasp) a Shiba Inu - if y'all want. Poke me if you're interested! 1. 2. 3.
  4. Dogsnout


    Welcome aboard! It's nice to meet someone else around my age, but still watches cartoons
  5. Welcome to the forums, fellow doge canine! ! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Oh yeah! That's what I figured would happen. An animal hat may be a good alternative! I've been eyeing a few warm ones with a canine theme; considering I walk everywhere, and it's freezing where I live.
  7. I don't really know what is going to be released this year, but I have my fingers crossed that Legion won't bomb like Warlords of Draenor did. Oh, and Dishonored 2!
  8. Eh, it was just a passing thought unless the original post implied much more. I figured it wouldn't end well ever since I thought it was a good idea initially, but I guess it's good to know that I should heed these replies and not do it should the interest ever pop up again. I take it I would have a better chance where it's more acceptable, lol. Oh well.
  9. So I just recently stumbled upon some furry tails for sale, and it kind of reminded me of my days back in high school. Halloween had cosplays for sure, such as the Homestuck trolls (it's amazing how people spray paint their entire body), but I haven't really seen anyone wear furry tails during the holiday event. Instead, I see them worn outside of it. I see it worn during the spring semester, or the winter semester. It's a rare occurrence, but it never really brought up any issues that I've heard of regarding the usage. I would've heard something about it. Gossip was pretty widespread in the school; even among the shiest of people roFL. But yeah, wolf and fox tails are pretty common although I could be wrong about the species. I had seen a few colorful ones. As for the placement, it's where the tail would normally be on an animal anthro. Or human? Some part of me wants to be able to wear a tail in public myself. I heard that some folks wear one to college without a negative impact on their choice, but I dunno. I hardly see any fellow furs where I live, but it'd be nice to find other ways to meet them when the Internet seems to fail me so far. At the same time, I like the fashion idea. - a random thought at 12 am in the morning.
  10. Quick doodle for @Recel before I head to bed o:
  11. Drink plenty of water! In fact, drink so much of it you're over-hydrated, and totally not at risk for water poisoning.
  12. I return to this thread hours later just to stare at the Humantale image. I do enjoy diversity, but sometimes I forget how far Tumblr goes to try and promote that diversity. I've never been on the community's bad side, but my own (irl) friends have been victims of threats, and told to commit suicide simply because they have different opinions and headcanons than the norm. Honestly, I don't mind that fans can mold some of the characters to fit their interpretation. I'm always pretty excited to see people have their own headcanons of my favorite characters being represented how I represent myself. However, I do mind when people start shoving those interpretation down people's throats. I'm just being nose-y though. Don't mind me :u
  13. It sounds like...nobody nose what this thread is. Hahahaha haha. i'm sorry.
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