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  1. by JD Laclede
  2. theres your ad banner we're done here.
  3. what are you doing in my state get off my lawn hi
  4. I have none.
  5. well this thread kicked me in the fucking balls. time to stomp old bones back into the dirt and replace my veneer of composure. good luck dude.
  6. teleports to the counter and asks for a bowl of fruit loops, offering a worn burrito as payment
  7. Yo

    I'm glad you know what you want and are aware of your limits and are thinking proactively.
  8. Yo

    idk you sound like you could hold your own here alright congrats on being clear and coherent He lives in a dumpster
  9. Yo

    hello hi
  10. SAME ;-; I wanted to hold it in my hands so bad... At least we have the memories. And I backed up a copy of all the pages as they are now for posterity, just in case. It made me smile so much when I first found it; I don't wanna forget that. My favorite page: I still think she can make something great if not greater out if it yet tho; even if the original magic it had gets lost to time.
  11. ↓↓↓
  12. Officially update from Viv about it all: It's a teeny bit troubling to see her abandon/start projects so easily.... Also she looked really stressed... But I do think as far as the comic goes, she's probably making he right choice She technically could have just kept slogging on with it, yeah; but chances are we'll get something that's overall better in the end. And hopefully easier on her. Happy Viv is good Viv. I'm sad to hear the Allison short was shelved tho :c I was so looking forward to that... Oh well. In lighter news, I got another drawing from her!! :3c