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  1. what are you doing in my state get off my lawn hi
  2. til I'm an old fart I've always wanted to sit on a porch with a shotgun and tell kids to get off my fucking lawn
  3. If anyone who doesn't know wants some specifics: http://www.flayrah.com/6194/fur-affinity-forum-staff-abandon-their-posts-future-forum-uncertain
  4. I've been telling the staff this for ages lmao I pushed for there to be an "About" and "FAQ" for newcomers, and we agreed to at least some of it and I even helped gather some material; but none of the mods ever bothered to materialize anything. Also, welcome to here!! Don't worry about this thread, we're just having our period. :v
  5. I have none.
  6. Glad to see you're all having fun again (:
  7. That's literally been one of this place's defining features throuought its highs and lows, and part of why it mostly attracts people that just want to hang out It's a forum about nothing
  8. it's alllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvveeee
  9. well this thread kicked me in the fucking balls. time to stomp old bones back into the dirt and replace my veneer of composure. good luck dude.
  10. teleports to the counter and asks for a bowl of fruit loops, offering a worn burrito as payment
  11. Yo

    I'm glad you know what you want and are aware of your limits and are thinking proactively.
  12. Yo

    idk you sound like you could hold your own here alright congrats on being clear and coherent He lives in a dumpster