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  1. Saxon

    Flower power

    I can't maintain this thread anymore, so I won't be able to respond to any further posts or questions.
  2. May as well not post here anymore. ._.
  3. I think Therapy sergal was talking about Assad when they said 'And he's doing it'.
  4. The World Health Organisation reported that the victims' symptoms were consistent with the chemical weapon being a banned nerve agent that was known to be in the Syrian government's chemical weapon stockpile. (a stockpile they claimed to have destroyed). https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/russia-blames-syrian-rebels-for-devastating-chemical-attack-in-northern-town/2017/04/05/ba173c76-196a-11e7-8598-9a99da559f9e_story.html?utm_term=.5a912001a2b4 All but 1 of the other chemical weapons attacks in Syria so far have been attributed to the Syrian regime, by evidence such as chemical hallmarks that demonstrated the weapons' chemical agents came from previously known regime stockpiles. The single exception was a mustard gas attack undertaken by the Islamic state. In short, the world has known that Assad has been doing this for years now, so it is no surprise that he has done it again.
  5. My experience has been quite different, but I do go to a University that is famous for being a bastion of conservatism (although I've never really thought that this reputation was an accurate description of the place). It would be good if the left and right (unfortunately these are treated as dichotomous factions in the USA) could have an attitude to one another more along the lines of 'let's find things we both agree on and secure those first'. I would like to imagine that, among young people, even most of the right agree that a clean campus environment, fair prices for student lettings and campaigns to discourage sexual abuse/encourage reporting are appropriate things for a student union to want. (and they're all things which a lot of Campuses can improve)
  6. I think the US was obliged to warn Russia as part of their joint mission in Syria agreements. Otherwise Russia would have ended all cooperation with the USA in Syria. As you mentioned, air cooperating is now over, but Russia has kept channels of communication for future cooperation open. I wonder whether the US will follow this strike up, because the Whitehouse has been indicating that this was a 'one off' in response to chemical weapon use...what are they going to do when Assad uses chemical weapons again as he inevitably will, though?
  7. Oh, I can completely understand now. If you are raised in that kind of setting you might veer to what you perceive to be the complete opposite. (I still find it difficult to believe anybody is opposed to rock music or trousers). It brings the rockstar Alice Cooper to mind; he changed his name to a woman's name *just* because he thought it would upset prudes.
  8. Who are these people who are constantly ranting about how evil cis white gendered men are anyway? Where are you encountering them? I never hear the internet stop complaining about them, but I haven't really come across one. Just as with those 'militant vegans'. The most extreme 'SJW' people I've ever come across were students who didn't think it was fair for Iggy Azalea to appropriate black music, because she didn't share their oppression. Even those people didn't constantly complain about how evil cisgendered white men are though. This is very reasonable.
  9. So I thought that some interesting but serious topics were highlighted in this thread: However, an edgy meme-post thread might not be the best place to discuss them, so I've made a thread to continue those discussions here.
  10. Saxon

    Flower power

    @GarthTheWereWolf Those are lovely; you live in a paradise.
  11. New shoes often do this; if you break them in with gentle use before doing strenuous activity you can avoid blisters. Alternatively you may have bought shoes which are the wrong size for you.
  12. I'm not under the impression that any bunch of letters that sounds Japanese to English ears is actually Japanese.
  13. I learned it as 'SOH-CAH-TOA!' Means nothing but it stuck. I like to imagine it's the name of a Samurai or something.
  14. Saxon

    Flower power

    @Umbra.Exe Those are some lovely photos. The Irises remind me of wild flowers I came across in Newfoundland in August 2015. There were also big stands of pink flowers, which I think were rosebay willowherb:
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