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  1. Edit: Sorry, wrong thread.
  2. I've already had mine. It's called "growing up and discovering better sources for humor". It's probably the simplicity of the humor that made me like it as a kid. A lot of kids laugh at silly faces and noises, right?
  3. I used to like Sandler, mainly due to growing up in a family that still adore his comedy.
  4. Jazz under the covers... Until someone breaks that little peace I've had.
  5. This is from a quick google search, but it sounds like what you're looking for (I'm not familiar with The White Stripes).
  6. The only series I've read that even has anthropomorphics is The Fire Within series when I was around 12. I may try some out after my current book.
  7. I've had a period of nightmares about bees and red ants (I'm allergic to, and terrified of those things). After that period, I've never been able to remember my dreams, and sleeping served as a time-killer since. I should try lucid dreaming at some point; I miss dreams.
  8. The smoky scent of a candle whenever the wick burns out.
  9. Gumshoe

    My Hill!

    I throw you into the Emergency Intelligence Incinerator. My hill.
  10. The only one I can think of from the top of my head. There's no denying Professor Layton as a cool character.
  11. Numberphile videos, and I've recently finished The Bletchley Circle.
  12. My old cat, Thief, would hunt rats while he was outside, and bring body parts to the doorstep (sometimes a head, sometimes a torso). I hope my kitten grows up to make me as proud as Thief did.
  13. I've always slept on the top bunk growing up (and no, I wouldn't fall because of the safety rails). There's something comforting about being close to the ceiling... Although, there's probably something dangerous about it as well. I can't count the amount of times I've hit my head on the ceiling fan while it was spinning.
  14. Earliest game I can remember was Spyro YOTD, but my "childhood game" would probably be Paper Mario the thousand year door. I've probably beaten that games a dozen times.
  15. When what you feel gets in the way of plain common fucking sense.
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