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  1. All Animals A-to-Z

    edit: It's not the ibiiiiiiiiis it's the iguanaaaaa
  2. #poorlydescribeyourfursona

  3. All Animals A-to-Z

  4. The Wide World of Watersports

    i love waterboarding
  5. If They were Furries...

    Chicken Bob the builder
  6. Thanks, I was having a real hard time responding to the OP before you came along.
  7. Playtonic was put in a shitty position: either you leave Jontron in and make SJWs pissy, or you take him out and make his fans pissy. I can't really blame Playtonic for not wanting to include a guy who thoughtlessly spews out opinions he heard on /pol/ in their fun, cheery game about a talking bat and lizard.
  8. An Overwatch Thread

    While we're sharing highlights: with a cameo by @Eggdodger
  9. An Overwatch Thread

    Getting to diamond every season wasn't free.
  10. I Want Your Bod

  11. Primary Schoolkids are dicks

    some of them
  12. Stuff that's edgy but damn good

    aka http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/devilmaycry/images/0/09/SMT_Cover.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080212183210 Demon pokemon, yo. edit: PEGI 12+? lmao
  13. The Aspie Quiz

    Nice cardinal head. I got a fish.
  14. My Favorite!

    What's your favorite pizza topping?
  15. Soundtrack for depression

    ^ Ambient (w/ vocals) ^ Indie Folk ^ Dream Pop