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  1. edit: It's not the ibiiiiiiiiis it's the iguanaaaaa
  2. Thanks, I was having a real hard time responding to the OP before you came along.
  3. Playtonic was put in a shitty position: either you leave Jontron in and make SJWs pissy, or you take him out and make his fans pissy. I can't really blame Playtonic for not wanting to include a guy who thoughtlessly spews out opinions he heard on /pol/ in their fun, cheery game about a talking bat and lizard.
  4. While we're sharing highlights: with a cameo by @Eggdodger
  5. Getting to diamond every season wasn't free.
  6. aka http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/devilmaycry/images/0/09/SMT_Cover.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080212183210 Demon pokemon, yo. edit: PEGI 12+? lmao
  7. Nice cardinal head. I got a fish.
  8. What's your favorite pizza topping?
  9. ^ Ambient (w/ vocals) ^ Indie Folk ^ Dream Pop
  10. On that note: what is your favorite "guilty pleasure" song?
  11. I like all the different styles and poses you did! He graduated surlyface 101 at the top of his class. Thank you!
  12. The world ends, your friends become avatars, and you have to kill them to make your world a reality.
  13. I have this character if you feel like drawing him. As for direction, maybe something with alchemy? But if anyone posts a request after me and hasn't had one drawn for them yet, please draw them first!
  14. He dies to get a bunch of thugs arrested.
  15. Superunknown by Soundgarden By far the most technically impressive grunge album I've ever heard. Great production, composition, instrumentals, and vocals. Each song felt unique, and there were only a couple that didn't quite hit the mark. My favorite song from the album: Give the album a listen, especially if you're into grunge/alternative rock.
  16. The session will start an hour later than usual. 9pm EST If you want to show up at 8pm anyway, feel free to.
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