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  1. u p a [6s] 0 t a [9s] e u [5s] [9d] [ra] p [0a] w u a [qa] s [ep] o [9p] e i o [0u] 7 0 Q W u p a [6s] 0 t a [9s] e i [5s] [9d] [ra] p [0a] w u a [qa] s [ep] o [9p] e i o [6p] 0 e r t u p a [6s] 0 t a [9s] e u [ws] [9d] [ra] p [0a] w u a [qa] s [ep] o [9p] e i o [0u] 7 0 Q W u p a [6s] 0 t a [9s] e i [ws] [9d] [ra] p [0a] w u a [qa] s [ep] o [9p] e i o [6p] 0 e r t a s h [qj] t p [9j] k [rh] [ig] [0h] r o a 6 [0a] [rs] [uf] [9g] e i p [5g] [9h] [af] [os] [0f] u r e a [5s] h [qj] t p [9j] k [rh] [ig] [0h] r o a [6h] j [rg] [uf] [9g] e i p [5g] [9h] [af] [od] [0f] r u I O u p a [6p] 0 e r t [qa] s [ep] o [9p] e i o [6p] 0 e r [6tup] --- It's a music sheet for virtual piano app
  2. Some background info: In the US, the congress will vote to repeal net neutrality in December, after Thanksgiving day and Black Friday. The proposition has been lingering for a while and it has been rejected a few times in the past under different names and forms. This proposition has outraged many people online so naturally you have heard about it. --- Net Neutrality is what is preventing this from taking place. Customers would have to pay for more for their already (and in certain areas, sloppy) expensive internet access as the ISPs could attempt to excuse "but premium costs extra" kind of bullshit, on top of the basic fee for getting a mere husk of internet access at crawling speeds. I may be pessimistic about this but I can definitely see it as a frightening possibility and knowing human greed, a very real and likely possibility too. When the ISPs have a stranglehold over their customers, they can do whatever they like (which are VERY unlikely to be in the favor of a customer), especially if there were no federal level regulations treating internet access like the utility it is. Now the forces of true capitalism in US could prevent this from happening as customers could juts flock to a rivaling ISP but the fact of the matter is, most places in US only have one competitive local ISP to "choose" from. When it comes to ISPs, US is dominated by a select few monopolies. --- Not only this, if Net Neutrality were to be repealed, the ISPs could attempt to throttle, if not downright censor or block sites and companies they disagree with, rival with or sites that haven't paid egrogeous sums of money into fat pockets of ISP shareholders, just because the ISPs can now ask for it. Needless to say, that is a SERIOUS threat to the freedom of the internet. Internet is not meant to be controlled. It'd sad to see one of largest inventions/experiments in the history of humankind to be hijacked by politicans and corporations. While I am here, the US citizens can call and message their senator in hopes of turning their head around and voting against the repeal for net neutrality And for everyone, you can sign petition here for free https://www.change.org/p/save-net-neutrality-netneutrality
  3. It's good to be back here once in a while. Also, I like how the forum has changed it's layout to more streamlined one
  4. There is a name on my Steam friend list that hasn't lit up in the last 4 years. His name online was Bennie, or in real life, Travis. He committed a suicide at age of 20. He hid his depression leading to him taking his own life so well that I don't know what lead to it. But I always remember him. We used to play games together and chat together about silly things and achievement hunting in games. Know why the name is still in the list? To help me remember someone who was a friend of mine. I suggest you do the same, to help yourself remember, else there is a danger that we do what's most natural to us, which is to move on and forget
  5. Granted but Destiny 2 is a terrible game to play and will be riddled with bugs I wish for a better internet
  6. Launched up Skyrim again, it's more beautiful than I remembered. Glad I left it in ready to play condition for moments like this (I heavily mod Skyrim and there's a high chance your game will crash/break if you don't mod it correctly)
  7. Yet renewable energy is becoming cheaper and cheaper in US, replacing both nuclear and natural gas in time if this trend keeps up. Drawing your power from renewable energy sources is already cheaper than using coal energy and other non-renewable sources for example but I admit, hydraulic fracking has driven natural gas prices to low. I do hope renewable and plentiful energy sources (as well as possibly fusion) will eventually (and soon) displace everything carbon based and maybe even nuclear energy (sorry u-235 ) OT: Technically, both natural gas and coal are fossilised (That's why they are called fossil fuels) remnants of ancient dinosaurs, forests and jungles that were located in continents tens of millions years ago, meaning there could form new sources of fossil fuels, thus making them renewable, just very slowly renewable sources of energy.
  8. Snagged

    You're now a Sim.

    Traits: Loner, Frugal, Absent Minded, Couch Potato, Computer Whiz Favorites: White, Pasta Carbonara, Instrumental Lifetime Wish: Professional Author Lifetime Reward: Beloved Animal Looks: 181cm tall, sleek, fast beard growing, green eyes, thick eyebrows, brown moderately cut hair, wears blue jeans and a brightly colored but blank t-shirt First thing to do: Let the player command me occasionally as to teach me discipline
  9. Admins of photobucket knew their service got outshadowed by better image hosting sites so I guess this is their last, desperate scream for help before photobucket commits a suicide as users migrate elsewhere
  10. @Moogle I haven't moved out yet. It will be planned to happen at the end of next August. But everything not essential is already packed up into boxes and my room is a huge mess because of it. I still got a few arrangements to do
  11. Ayyy, long time no seen. Welcome back. Good thing you've been doing fine and have found many opportunities in life.
  12. Please Explain This Acronym = PETA Taco
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