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  1. Thanks guys! Lots of new choices for me to explore
  2. So I have a YouTube where I put up videos of timelapse drawings. So far I have used a Logitech c920 camera and Windows Movie Maker, but I just upgraded my camera and thought heck why not get something more substantial as far as editing software too? Mostly I'm looking for something to edit the color balance of the movies if possible, saturation and all that. I'm playing around with an Adobe Premiere trial and it seems to be a bit more than what I need since I won't be doing complex editing, but is that sort of what I'm going to find? Am I going to have to pay $$$ for the tools I want, or is there a program that's a little less money and a bit more simple but still has the finer color balancing features? Anyway this is just a shot in the dark to see if people have opinions on the subject. Thanks! C:
  3. MyPaint is a great software that is free and works great on Windows and Linux. MacOSX is supported but I am not sure about the pressure sensitivity; at one point it didn't have it... This was one of my favorite programs when I was on Linux and I think it works great for sketching. Most of my CG stuff was made in MyPaint (like my icon) so it's definitely useable as a full-fledged art software. http://mypaint.org/about/
  4. Great job! Congrats! I'm always glad to hear when someone's able to follow through on their goals! Now... Don't replace it with another bad habit!! Hahaha
  5. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/18755461/ NSFW pin-up! WATCH OUT! These tits are not swaddled!
  6. [Mod Vae] Got a piece you've never finished, but you'd sure like to show it? Got a piece you're working on that you're just dying to share RIGHT NOW, without spamming up your personal art thread / galleries / etc? Post it here, and let people see what you've been up to! Do not embed anything NSFW. All NSFW material must be placed under a link and warned for accordingly. (OP botched due to issues with the limitations of the forum software. Posts salvaged from a hidden thread. Mind the rules.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ I started this bigger project the other day and have abandoned it for smaller ones.... we'll see if I keep going. I started a color test for it and everything.
  7. I come bearing gifts! I gotta go wrestle with my scanner now,grrr. Caledonian, if you're still interested in a trade let me know!
  8. I found it! I found the cooking thread!! Yaaaaasssss Today I made a German pancake for breakfast and tonight is pork chops with a mushroom bisque as a side. Yum yum!
  9. Sure but if it burns you so much that you don't want to create then what good is it? Better to challenge your skills in a way that engages you than one that discourages. I guess I meant more like "what's the point using digital/traditional if it makes you not want to pursue and create?" Just start with where you're comfortable and challenge yourself from there. Because after all, actually drawing a lot and creating tons of work is just as important as the learning process; they go hand in hand.
  10. Sure! My furry stuff (that I'm just getting back into) is on my weasyl and FA links, and if you want to see more current (but non-furry) stuff my tumblr is http://bravely-tiz.tumblr.com/
  11. That's an upsetting situation. I'm gonna go against what everyone else said and say I don't think you were wrong to quit; it doesn't seem like anything was going to work out in your favor; no public transportation, no way of changing shifts, etc. You did what you could. Truth is you don't ever have to put it on a resume in the future if you don't want, and if you do and people ask why you quit, well the answer "It turns out that the job I applied for was not the position I was put in, and we could not work out a viable solution for all parties" is a pretty reasonable one. That's all you have to say to future employers and they'll understand.
  12. Sure let's do it! Nice! I like your ref pic Okay I'll get warmed up here and come back with some color doodles this week!
  13. I'll probably bother signing things when my art gets good enough to be yoinked by some kid. Otherwise I just don't think about it :V
  14. In the past couple years I have been waaay more into traditional art (markers, watercolors etc) than digital art. I think I just get too muddled with how many colors are available in digital art, I'm much more comfortable with a semi-limited palette. I think the best thing to take away from something like this is "you do you!" and just do what's comfortable without feeling pressured, because honestly, if forcing a medium on yourself that you're not comfortable with stops you from creating art, then what's the point, you know?
  15. Zydala

    I'M BACK

    Hello everyone!!
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