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  1. I will be the dying gasp of peenix'd.
  2. I'm dead and half gay. Post bobs and peenz.
  3. Excellently. I love making vaguely inappropriate comments to them and sniffing their seats after they leave. Über says I'm the pinnacle of their service. Also, last poster.
  4. Yeah, you are! Who's a good boy? YOU ARE! Guess who just found plenty of spare time to fuck around online? Totally not me. I'm totally still employed, mentally stable, and still the last poster on these furrumz. Just ask me about my new job as an über driver that TOTALLY DOESN'T sexually harass you. You know my giant stalks your dreams. Go ahead and post again, nerdz. See who gets the last post.
  5. Nah. Nice try, cutie pie. My stamina, endurance, and amount of time to waste are legendary. I'm even more powerful than a cum pizza callously cast into a hotel hallway. Luv u anyway tho 😘😘😘
  6. Double posting because dead site. I will forever be your benevolent retard whether you like it or not. P.S. Null stole my avatar. I am immortal.
  7. I'm still here and also immortal, unlike this community lmao Just wait for my retarded discord ops to take fold. All will finally buckle before me once and for all.
  8. When you accidentally send bizarre shit to people.
  9. Congrats on the relationship and job! I feel the same way you do as far as work goes, but at least it's something. Oh, and mechanical keyboard are the absolute best. I find the sound they make to be oddly soothing. I've done a total 180 since my old shit posting Peenix'd days. I now own a house and two vehicles and money isn't a problem in my day to day life. I actually have a relatively good life now and I'm doing well for myself. I totally bullshitted my way into a job as an apprentice machinist and it worked out very well. Now I am the machinist and lesser metal workers grovel at my feet. Engineers want me and welders want to be me. Everyone at work craves my hot, hard steel shaft. Years later and I'm actually living much better than I thought I would. Like, I'm very comfy and it only makes it better that I got the job by being the the engineer's bitch ass helper and lying about my qualifications. Who's laughing now, Tom? I still wish I would've taken @Rassah up on the random five Bitcoin he offered me after I made fun of Bitcoin. I could build a drag car and show up to meets and tell everyone that a random furry I knew on the internet financed it. I'd even have a giant dildo as my hood ornament in his honor and because it amuses me and offends the other racers. I would be racing a Prius, of course.
  10. Well, I'm just going to assume it's all because I'm so super cool and that my shitposts were the best. Anyways, I genuinely hope you and some of the other former users here are doing well. Oops, sorry for being genuine. This place was one of a kind and, aside from having retarded mods, it was great.
  11. I can't believe this site is still up. I come by every couple of months out of curiosity and the lack of content both fascinates and confuses me. How is this still a thing? Is it because I'm so sexy and super cool that people still come to read my awesome posts? You know it, baby cakes. 😘 I got this shit. Phoenix'd Furry Drama Forum™ may die, but I am eternal and everlasting.
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