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  1. How do we revive dead gay forums

    Obligatory annual post 2019
  2. You are a good person, Chili is a good person, David is a good person, pretty much everybody who's passed through here is good. Many of my best friends here were made of glass, and sometimes angry or bitter, but that never mattered, since it didn't change who they were to me. I'm not sure who you are but I'm sure you have a positive quality in there somewhere, probably.
  3. You may not like each other, but after all you've shared over the years, deep down, you know you still love each other. You all know know so much about your friends here, more than you dare tell anyone from "real life." I sincerely hope that, when anyone looks back, they remember the good times, the trust, and the honesty. It brings me a great sadness to see how few remember the friends we've rejected over the years. And I hope that someday we will appreciate the uniqueness of the connections we share.
  4. One day, my annual Forumcheck will be a door into a room of good friends. I want you to all be friends. And while you may bicker and argue from time to time, as we are ought to, your affection for each other was still borne from battle scars you shall forever share.
  5. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Obligatory annual post 2018
  6. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Obligatory annual post 2017
  7. Video game music

    Blip bleep bloop. Post a song that you heard from a video game. This is a remix from Undertale that I like a lot.
  8. Slug: The Moistening

    You are a friendly slug! Crawl around and do slug things! Find tender fungi and leafy plants to eat. And watch out for birds and turtles! Once we have at least three characters confirmed, we can start an adventure! Classes: Banana slug - Most common type of slug, easiest to find a mate; most ample reproduction pores of all slug species. Ghost slug - Carnivorous slug with blade-like teeth; cannot digest plant matter Leopard slug - May also consume animal tissue and pet food for sustenance Tiger slug - Moves at twice the speed of other slugs; cannot digest plant matter Powers (15 points to distribute): (7) Stinger: You have barbs that can sting with a painful toxin. (5) Autotomy: May self-amputate tail to escape from predators, or from being trapped. (5) Body dimorphism: May change shape to accommodate small spaces or to become too large for smaller predators. (5) Protective slime: Emit a sticky, foul-tasting substance to make you difficult to catch. Usable only after disturbed or injured. (5) Hibernation: You may elect to rest through the winter to avoid harsh conditions. (5) Camouflage: You are less apt to be spotted. (5) Water-breathing: You may swim and survive in salt water (2) Burrowing: You may tunnel into soft soil. (3) Cannibal: May eat other slugs of other species. (3) Light-sensing feelers: You can detect light sources immediately in front of you. (2) Conspicuous coloration: Your bright coloration draws attention, but reminds most predators of poisonous creatures. (2) Ink glands: While in water, you may spray blinding ink to escape. (2) Scent-sensing feelers: You can detect a limited range of smells. (2) You are poisonous: You are poisonous! Animals do not want to eat you if you are poisonous! Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Orientation: Class: Powers: ~~~~~ I'll start us off! Name: Vårdande Snigel Age: 17 Gender: Male Orientation: Bisexual Class: Tiger Slug Powers: Stinger, Protective slime, Light-sensing feelers
  9. Which Poke do you wanna POKE? x3
  10. Terrible music you enjoy

    ITT we post music which we like but that is objectively not good. As an errant teen, I was super into Happy Hardcore, arguably the worst music genre ever invented by a person. I have listened to this got dang song more times than is reasonable.
  11. I proclaim myself king

    Well, I didn't vote for you.
  12. Pewdiepie has changed

    In real life, PewDiePie is actually a pretty low-key and shy person. The person you see on his channel is a character he developed to appeal to his audience. Here's a more accurate depiction of him squirming uncomfortably in his natural habitat.
  13. Who are you voting for? (U.S. citizens)

    This is legitimately surprising for me. I always saw myself as more of a left-leaning centrist.
  14. It's impurities in the air and water that are doing it.
  15. Who are you voting for? (U.S. citizens)

    She's a good politician. She has skills in politicking. At the end of the day, she is the most viable individual for actually performing political tasks.
  16. Who are you voting for? (U.S. citizens)

    I love in the USA and am of voting age but do not vote. Mostly so that when this question comes up, I can piss off literally everybody. That is exactly why they are going to win. Most people are terrible, and they appeal to terrible people.
  17. Furries and Eugenics

    I don't believe in eugenics, I just believe in eliminating genetic diseases and anything that gives newborn people an advantage in life.
  18. Terrible music you enjoy

    This legitimately gave me a headache, thank you for this. Make my day
  19. In the USA now, I'd consider moving to sunny Sweden. I could go on their generous welfare system and never have to work again. Also, free college tuition, so I could get my PhD for nothing. Also also, nobody talks to each other there, ever, and I appreciate that. Americans don't know how to stop talking and it makes my head hurt.
  20. What job would the sona/avatar above you have?

    Honorless dude stabber.
  21. You're going to be alone in a room for ten years. Why are you in this room? I don't know! That's not important. What's important is this is apparently like an RPG and you have points. These points may be traded for valuable prizes. You have 100 points. What things do you buy from the list below to make your stay tolerable? How do you break up your precious points? Choose. ENTERTAINMENT 5 Points: Radio 10 Points: Every board and card game in existence 10 Points: Small TV with five basic channels 10 Points: Every video game console with every video game ever, including PC games (does not include a computer, however!) 10 Points: Every music album ever made 20 Points: Nice TV with all premium cable channels 20 Points: Every single book ever written ever 40 Points: Computer with high-speed Internet, but cannot torrent/download illegally FOOD 0 Points: Nourishing gruel 10 Points: Fast food and snacks 20 Points: Basic, quick meals delivered to you 30 Points: Fresh and delicious home-cooked meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables 40 Points: Gourmet food from all parts of the world 10 Points: Alcohol of any kind 5 Points: Tobacco / vaping products COMPANIONSHIP 10 Points: A sweet and loving pet 20 Points: A random roommate off Craigslist 30 Points: Regina, MIT Professor (She is not interested in you but you can be good friends!) 30 Points: Random Phoenix member will join you for two hours every day 50 Points: May take a specific person with you who may come and go as they please 50 Points: A mating partner of above-average physical attractiveness and appropriate gender 60 Points: A living manimal of high attractiveness whom is enamored with you OTHER PERKS 5 Points: Writing and drawing materials 5 Points: Skylight to provide sunlight during the day 10 Points: Workout room with exercise equipment 10 Points: Shower, bath, and hygiene products 10 Points: Any variety of musical instruments and basic learning materials 10 Points: A therapist will come in for a two-hour session once a week 10 Points: Specific hobby product and all related peripherals 10 Points: Receive $1,000,000 when you leave 20 Points: Small, walled-off outdoor garden area with plenty of direct sunlight 20 Points: Receive $5,000,000 when you leave 30 Points: Receive $20,000,000 when you leave HARD MODE These perks will earn you additional points! They are unpleasant! -5 Points: Obnoxious vape fumes waft through the vents at regular intervals -10 Points: Fox News plays on a wall-mounted screen at low-to-moderate volume; cannot be changed, covered up, or muted -10 Points: Must perform a mind-numbingly repetitive assembly task for three hours a day; will lose access to food until completed -10 Points: No natural light whatsoever -10 Points: Rassah joins you and there is nothing you can do about it -10 Points: Subtle aural conditioning will turn you into a full-blown SJW or MRA over the course of your stay
  22. World's Worst Dictionary (v1.1)

    Micro: Your cro. McDuckload.
  23. Me IRL

    Me IRL
  24. hit paste

    This is highly erotic.
  25. You're going to be alone in a room for ten years

    ~~~~~~~~~~ 100 Points Start 60 Points: Computer with high-speed Internet 40 Points: Basic, quick meals 10 Points: Random Phoenix member joins 20 Points: Mind-numbing assembly task 10 Points: Shower and bath 20 Points: Rassah 30 Points: Fox News 35 Points: Vape Fumes 30 Points: Skylight 0 Points: $20,000,000 when leaving ~~~~~~~~~~ I'm all about the cash. I like cash! I can put up with a lot for cash. Give me the $20,000,000, please. My only concern is that Rassah will try to canoodle me into converting it to Bitcoin. This setup roughly resembles my current standard of living. So not much will change, only I'll get paid more.