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  1. The weird ass dreams thread

    I have had this recurring dream as of late, the most recent being Tuesday, where I was in the house that I am currently living and walking around and feeling very uneasy.In one of the dreams, I ended up downstairs in the basement of my house and while I was down there the door to the upper level of the house opened and something started walking down. It was a bright light engulfing a human figure and I ended up running out through the garage door before I ended up seeing who the figure was. Not all of the dreams have been that exact way but the theme is as if my house were haunted or something. It has had a bit of an effect on my sleeping a lot lately because in one of the recurring dreams, I did see who the ghostly figure was, which turned out to be my mom, who died in this house about 13 years ago. I have always felt that dreams are very important to pay attention to.
  2. Things that you hate! v2

    When I am in a quiet open place and my stomach starts growling. There isn't very much that is more embarrassing than that kind of situation for me.
  3. Words Words Words

    I deal with the same sort of thing, I have improved my means of small talk over the past few years but it still remains very difficult for me because I tend to show very little enthusiasm when faced with a small talk situation. I also have that kind of problem in conversations that are not in person. This forum is an example and it tends to be very overwhelming for me.
  4. Sh*t Your Pets Do

    My dog has chewed up the linoleum flooring in my kitchen and also somehow managed to chew a hole in the wall of one of the rooms.
  5. Location thread v7

    Small town of Pleasant Grove, Alabama right outside of Birmingham (also, it really isn't all that pleasant either)
  6. Things that you hate! v2

    Waking up in a bad mood from a really depressing dream. Doesn't seem to matter if I remember them or not.
  7. WEOW

    always pizza, I hate spaghetti
  8. WEOW

    Hey guys, I figure I should make an intro thread as I didn't do so on the original forums. I am Pyper, and I am weasel.