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  1. Forums come and go. They change over time. This one still has potential, but people have to do more than lurk. New FAF is better than it was, but it's still pretty toxic.
  2. That guy has always seemed to feed off notoriety. I remember him from the early 2000s, and not being particularly impressed. Stuff like this is what keeps him in the spotlight. The old "no such thing as bad publicity" phenomenon, I suppose. Rumors and scandal seem to follow wherever he goes. Gotta wonder how much of it is intentional, to drum up business. Disclaimer: I don't know much about the guy. Just what I've heard in passing over the years. Hopefully, the negative things said about him are just rumor and he isn't actually a rapist or into CP.
  3. Looks like Furaffinity is down. Main site and the forums.
  4. The baker will bake a cake for the people, just not one with a theme that clashes with their personal values. This situation is more like refusing to bake a Kwanzaa cake than denying African Americans service. Or maybe a baker campaigned for Hillary, and is now refusing to bake a "Make America Great Again" Trump cake. From a religious angle, there are lots of things that religions handle differently. I shouldn't be able to force a Muslim to serve me pork and alcohol, for instance. I also shouldn't be able to force a Jewish wood carver to carve a manger scene if they don't want to. Not baking a gay-themed wedding cake falls along those lines. Great injustices have been committed against gay people, but this isn't one of them. If the baker loses, then people will have government backing to force artists to take all kinds of commissions that they disagree with. For those who wish "clean" furry artists would draw more porn, your dreams may soon come true! If the ruling is to be applied evenly, they will be forced to accept commissions that go against their conscience.
  5. So, I got a free fidget spinner at work today. *spins* There goes my productivity.
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