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  1. burning nazi armbands is actually cool & good
  2. have you never been on the internet? i mean, it's way easier to find alt-right discord hives than communist discord hives, but both will obviously exist somewhere on the net
  3. basically /pol/ except lefty communism & anarchism instead of white nationalists & nazis
  4. im glad that they learned the error of their ways & converted to the one true ideology
  5. it's a joke. you see, white genocide is both a retarded concept & inevitable
  6. A Night In The Woods is corrupting our children
  7. good shit op
  8. i dunno, i think we're way closer to a society controlled by capital & corporations, than one governed by workers & communes. those two verses of "This Land Is Your Land" were taken out for a reason, you know
  9. the white supremacists in London, Ontario ended up getting outnumbered 10 to 1 also, @AshleyAshes, if you're interested in grabbing a sign & marching, the Sept 14 counter-rally in Toronto is still going down
  10. so, it turns out that a counter-protester was actually shot at. police were apparently at the scene, and did nothing. the whole video is surreal -- someone fires a gun at another person, and... nothing. just walks away, like nothing happened. naturally, the shooter's looking to be a Wizard, because of fucking course. a white nationalist rally in Toronto was outright cancelled due to pushback, aha. the one in quebec, not so much.
  11. it's pretty much what rants & raves was for back in the days of FAF
  12. don't forget the trans ban
  13. no, that definitely falls under "neoliberal status quo". but yeah, if you don't feel like blaming the jew, and the status quo aint for you, join the DSA! (if you're USian, that is)
  14. oh yeah, i agree; we're going to have to massively reform our current economic systems if we wish to achieve a sustainable and equitable society. a lot of the socioeconomic existential crises that have given rise to these far-right movements are quite valid imo; the neoliberal status quo has proven itself ineffective, and is clearly not going to work in the long-run. its just that the far-right tends to blame the roots of these crises on minorities and jews, which i think is both hilarious & fucking stupid. but yeah i really don't think its worth just flat out giving up; if we're going to crash & burn as a species, might as well go down fighting.