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  1. the murderer was a white nationalist
  2. you're almost there!
  3. i never called jontron a nazi, or alt-right lol vvvvv ah yes, the ol' "but they forced me to become a nazi" argument. the classic
  4. yes, good, good no we already agree that this is all a joke. all of the IRL young white nationalists filmed are are a complete coincidence & no one could have seen this coming!!! also no one is responsible either. this is the important part. absolutely no one needs to take responsibility or critically reflect upon their actions because it was all just a prank, bro
  5. that's right its just a joke you're on the wrong forum if you want to oppose the current rise of fascism, dude
  6. ahahaha, holy shit
  7. my ego has nothing to do with how shittily people treated these clearly important issues in the past, aha. in the case of Deo, it required her to herself come to the thread and knock all y'all into line ah, im sorry, i forgot how important being pedantic is here - nazism is actually more of a loose term that people generally use to describe groups that wish to discriminate against others based on race, and who generally go around idolizing hitler and such. when people use the term "nazi" in a modern context, they don't literally mean "old political activists from the 1930's and 40's"
  8. im more just proud of past-me for being consistently correct in my predictions & arguments while on this forum, honestly
  9. oh man, i remember when i totally didnt get a warning for posting about the white nationalist rhetoric jontron was regurgitating in the jontron thread. all of those jokes he made about japan being the ideal nation due to its ethnic purity were so funny and also jokes! or that time when people started dogpiling Deo & belittling me for even suggesting neo nazis could be dangerous Oh Ho Ho The Many Jolly Chortles That Have Been Had Here
  10. no, didn't you hear? these nazis are all just joking. this is all a prank. they don't actually mean it
  11. god bless ben carson
  12. What news-media one consumes can greatly change one's worldview, yeah. The person who only reads Fox, Infowars, Breitbart, and the_donald, will have a very skewed perspective on the world (I remember when Trump was first elected, Fox ran an opinion piece: "Where's Trump's Nobel Peace Prize?", lol) A really interesting example is Sweden. A while ago, Sweden changed the way they collected data on reported rape - rather than grouping up statistics by report (so, one person reporting 10 instances over six months would have counted as *one* report), they began handling their analytics on a instance basis, rather than their previous report basis. This means that the 10 instances that counted as one report, now counts as ten - after this change in data gathering, the rate of *reported rapes* understandably skyrocketed. However, specific media outlets, as well as a bunch of youtube pundits, either unintentionally or otherwise, overlooked this fact, and began correlating the spike in reported rapes with immigration and refugees, using it as a talking point. Headlines like "Sweden is now the rape capital of the world!" and such popped up, while, in reality, it was simply their data gathering methodology that had changed. One has to be really careful to consume a wide variety of media, and try to check sources for extraordinary claims, in order to not fall into traps like this.
  13. i think you might be setting the bar a bit too high for other fandoms (and maybe humanity in general) - the guy in the papercraft gundam suit probably isn't going to be better suited to run a con but seriously, cons are a blast, as long as you don't take 'em too seriously
  14. cons are cool & good the RMFC drama is pretty exceptional - both in the nature of the drama, and in how poorly it was handled. most seasoned cons, while definitely not perfect, have at least marginally competent staff capable of handling shit like this
  15. all he wanted to do was smash the government and bring glory to the white race (and maybe russia??? jury's out on that one), but it turns out trump was too stupid ever for his machinations. id like to believe that, after being booted from the security council, he's retreated to a small, dark room, where he mutters to himself while madly scribbling on napkins breitbart headlines that herald a new, glorious dawn