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  1. Seems to have some humour.
  2. Hey

    I'm German and so I didn't understand your last post. Could you explain, please?

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    2. Gwen


      I don't like it. I would like it to move to Peru or Venezuela, these places are awesome. <3

      Germany isn't the right place for me. And I don't like the language, it's difficult, also for a german born bear. 

    3. TheGreatFanatic


      I'd wanna go to Venezuela. It looks beautiful there. c:


       I personally would want to see Ireland. Most of my family came from there. 

      But I haven't even been out of the US yet :c

    4. Gwen


      That's beautiful! 

      Ah, I see. Why if I may ask?

  3. The ava is hypnoting me, don't know if good or bad. But it's also a cute one.
  4. You have a smart looking fursona. I like it.
  5. Gwen

    Newborn furry

    @Pignog Oh, I don't know. Maybe you could travel through time and ask. Have fun. @Mr. Fox No, I'm not gay. I mean with that that I'm totally new to the fandom.
  6. Could I post a photo and describe me/my fursona? I don't have anything to show right now.
  7. Gwen

    Fat People

    He doesn't, Toshabi. He eats things everyone eats.
  8. Gwen

    Newborn furry

    Oh, hey Thank you very much for your friendly words. This means a lot to me. <3 And I've also respect and fear of grizzlies. They're huge and could eat you with one bite...
  9. Gwen

    Fat People

    Yes, I've read a little bit. Ok, I didn't know that. I'm telling just from experiences and what I've learned. I do sports like riding horses or taekwondo and I'm still chubby. I don't want to know how I would looking like if I wouldn't do any sports. And I'm not the only one doing so. My friend is chubby as well but he plays ice-hockey and do some other sporty things. He love sports and fitness. But it doesn't make him slim/skinny.
  10. Gwen

    Fat People

    Sure it can but it's very difficult and for those with healthy problems it's like hell. Many try but it's more difficult than for people without these genes. Do you understand?
  11. Gwen

    Fat People

    I've said that it's NOT an excuse, it's one of many reasons.
  12. Gwen

    Fat People

    I think you don't understand me. It's not an excuse but it's a reason for some people with more weight than other ones. There are also people which like it to be fat, I know but not everyone.
  13. Gwen

    Newborn furry

    Just message me if you want to.
  14. Gwen

    Fat People

    @Saxon Sure, not everyone can say "it's a genetically thing" but some can do. I know it from my doc and other ones should let test it, too.
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