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  1. So, my brother founded a con and I've grown up in the fandom. Most of these things happened within hours of me being in the same vicinity of these people. 1. Furry started talking to me about hermaphrodite porn in a busy hallway full of college students. 2.Furry started to tell me and about 6 other people they juts met a "funny story" involving their mistress, piss and copious amounts of public humiliation. 3. Hearing way too many animal-related sex noises. Like, foxes, birds... loudly. I think it would appeal to a lot more people if a lot of furries didn't go straight into the conversations about sex and their sex lives and fetishes. Some people don't wanna fuck a dog person and the fandom would appeal more to people if they didn't feel like they were gonna be surrounded by peoples dynamic sex lives all day. Sex is awesome and having a sex life is healthy but oh my god- don't talk about your sex life with someone you just met, and if you do start talking about it, stop if they seem not into the conversation. i mean jeez.
  2. JUST AN UPDATE! I'm working on our ULTIMATE BEAST BABY right now. Middle of the week is a no fun zone for me so more progress during the weekend for sure. HANG TIGHT IM DEFIBRILLATING IT.
  3. Yay I can see my stuff up top for the first time- thank you Carenath.
  4. That makes sense. I was told that our aussie from the shelter was one of the most well behaved there, but I think he just had so much stimulation and was probably scared to exhaustion. When he got to our place, it was 3 mile runs every day or he'd get frustrated. I think I quickly realized that for a lot of dogs, especially the herder types, i think its almost akin to torture to them to live in suburbs as juveniles. Omfg leachies. I love them! You are so lucky. I just love how a lot of them look exactly like mossy tree bark.. Saw one at repticon a few years back and melted. Yours are so cute. <3 Also I heard something about a lot of monitors being incredibly aggressive or territorial. How big is she gonna get? You going to have to get her her own room eventually? I really wish you luck with that. I don't think I could handle trying to socialize a lizard who's pretty good at taking a chunk out of my limbs. x-x
  5. Aww thank you! <3 They are so awesome and I feel so good to have given them a safe place. I guess its hard for some people to love animals that don't reciprocate affection much, but I can tell my herps look forward to time with me and that's super rewarding. My leopard gecko has been with me for like 13 years now too. Fricken love her. <3 Dilly is our newest. Actually got her about a month ago. She actually lives with my fiancee in Canada right now and he brings her to work and stuff as his "inspiration lizard." She's so silly. and she loves blackberries. Beekeeping is also the coolest thing I've ever done. <3 So many cool ways to do it and so much information. SHE'S SO CUTE! How old is she, is she a hyperdoge? I used to have an aussie collie that I ended up rehoming with a small farm because his energy requirements were just way too hardcore for my life. Starting to slowly realize how different dogs are based on their age most of the time. It's like a total switch from demon puppy to best friend dog.
  6. I CANT EVEN IMAGINE THIS. How would I even, like wooden goat legs?
  7. BRODCODILLY also known as Dilly. Shroedinger or Schroeder my Schneider's skink! AHHHH MY BEES too. My bees that love to destroy my quilt box cloth. I also have a leopard gecko named Crookshanks and a colony of roaches but I don't have any recent pictures of them. :c
  8. YESSSS LOVE Alright we could add a couple more random things to it but this is a GOOD LIST I think all we need is legs and if I don't get legs I'll just use a platypus torso probably. Have some classwork today before I can start working on this baby so anything you wanna add go for it!!!1 OUR BEAUTIFUL BABY
  10. YES. Best eyes. I'm gonna say one mention per person. But you get this one because it's a good idea. YES Oh god. SURE OKAY.
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