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  1. Stellaris right now. Waiting for Total War Warhammer II to drop tomorrow. And looks like Skyrim will be back up soon since the Script Extender was just released on PC for the 64 bit game version.
  2. My classic cars have classic car insurance for this reason. Grundy is who I use. Cash for Clunkers hurt the used car market, but cash for clunkers was years ago (almost 10 now). When I had bought my Explorer in 2013 prices were lower. Just in the last 4 years prices have increased exponentially. But as of today I have a replacement vehicle. Bought it from the parts yard with a clear title. I now own a 2006 Impala with the 3.5 v6. It got side swiped on the LR quarter and scuffed the paint up. Thats it. No other damage. Has 145k miles and everything works. Paid 2k for it.
  3. Its been 10 years since I was involved in a car accident and the other week I got rear ended on the highway while at a dead stop from traffic. I was driving my 99 Ford Explorer. Rear quarter/fender and bumper is smashed, was able to pull the fender off of the tire to drive it home. Definitely not worth fixing. Especially since the rear quarter is a discontinued part. Fortunately I had just a week prior bought and old work truck from my employer (96 3/4 ton dodge ram 4wd) for dirt cheap ($900). Insurance totaled the Explorer out and wrote me a check for the worth of it. So, I'm now in the market for a good commuting car for gas mileage. The dodge will be my winter beater. I have to say the prices people have cars for sale is a bit ridicules. Most have over 200k miles and they still want nearly $3000. Or need major repairs. Just looked at a 2010 Chevy Impala that has 210k on it. List price was reasonable but after I starting doing a close inspection found the head gasket is leaking oil externally. Leaking bad enough that fresh oil is spraying onto the catalytic converter. Needs a set of tires. What really threw me off was how filthy the interior was. Just covered in debris. Selling a car 101- clean the inside of the car... If I find another vehicle that will bring me up to 5 cars. Running low on room, lol.
  4. That was my reasoning too, but I was having serious load time issues. It can take 5 minutes to be able to open firefox from when I turn on the PC. Not to mention load times for games. Well, if it is fixable Samsung will fix it and then ship it back, if not they will send me a new one.
  5. Called Samsung, started an RMA. Easy and no hassle, which was nice. What is not so nice is rebuilding all my heavily modded games. Skyrim itself has over 60 GB of mods. Fallout 4 is around 20 GB. And all the dang updates.
  6. So, I upgraded to a Samsung 850 Evo 1TB back in December. And it worked great, stabilized several issues I was having gaming wise. But on Saturday in between being out of town nearly all day it killed itself. It doesn't even load the OS, just BSOD. I know some of the people that work for Geek Squad at Best Buy so I took it there to see if it could even be read (as I don't have a spare PC to swap the SSD into). And it failed to be read. Not corrupted, like the whole 1TB partition doesn't even exist. I have no idea how that even happened on a 7 month old SSD. I'm busy restoring a backup from my external drive into my old HD drive. First available backup failed. Its missing a ton of files. So trying the 2nd newest restore point. Hopefully that works and it only sets me back to the 10th of July. Has anyone heard of an SSD failing like this? The guys at Geek Squad were quite surprised by this failure.
  7. Ive run into two groups of millennials, either its the "I'm entitled to everything" type of people or extremely hard working people. They never seem to fall in the middle though. I find that interesting. I just fired a millennial who thought the world revolved around him a couple weeks ago. Dude's credit score was under 400 and he was 27 years old. Had zero financial skills (why don't they teach this in high schools?). As far as debt, paying off student loans is a great feeling. I paid mine off 2 years ago. But, I also bought a house and renovated it (still ongoing). At least this is building equity though. Never thought I'd get to this point after the recession pulled the rug right out from under me. Took years to dig out of that and get back into stability.
  8. I was planning on going too, pretty bummed about it being cancelled. Also I'm not sure how the contract works if the hotel came under new management. Sucks either way, and that hotel can kiss any major conference goodbye after doing this.
  9. MCFC has always been a blast for me, the liquor panels are fantastic with Alkali. Mainly go with friends and just party. I suited a lot over the con. Spent 18 hours in the armor and about 10 in full suit in 2 days. My head is resin so it doesn't get as hot as a foam head. The news articles are hilarious, the Huffington Post picked the story up, along with a half dozen other media outlets. And today the Kelly Ripa show did a segment on it using a photo of my costume. Its been a very weird day today.
  10. So MCFC 2017 just got a little interesting. Our charity was Pets for Vets (Which we raised $10,000 for). The volunteers from Pets for Vets didn't know MCFC was a fur con. And her son works for NY Mag and started retweeting the photos she was sending him. In one photo I am in it and I seem to have broken the dog. http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/04/woman-brings-therapy-dog-to-furry-convention.html This is pure gold material.
  11. $300? Thats it? I burned over $1200 in leather and plate armor last year just for ren faires. Not to mention the realistic wolf head I bought earlier is worth $1200. And I'm not even done with the costume yet. The body suit is another $1000 without the stilts and a 3rd set of armor just for the body suit. Which is another $800 I think. So nearly 5k total. And before I forget, thats with putting 3k into my garage last summer, framing a 3 season porch. And more than likely spending another 2-3k in windows for the house. Oh yeah, 2 hot rods too that need thousands of dollars worth of parts. Not gonna even bother going into how much the new gaming pc has cost yet. So no, you are not anywhere near going to far yet in my opinion. Step it up, you got a ways to go.
  12. You talking about MCFC? I bought the sponsor badge this year, pre reg price though. Last years food was okay, the sloppy joes were pretty good. Its the beer selection that I want. The list looks pretty good. I don't get a lot of the east side craft beers over here. Some of its 20%, plus they have a limited supply of mead. I will say though I still like to by a meal at the hotel restaurant as well. Breakfast is blah, but lunch and dinner food is great. And I want to support the hotel. (The staff are great).
  13. I wonder if I should say pulling Scripture passages out of context and making a false attribution is a poor way of making an argument. Come back after learning about the 3 types of Levitical Law please (Being Moral, Social, and Ceremonial). Actually Jesus spoke quite a bit on sexual immorality and marriage. In his own words; He said to them, “Have you not read that He Who made them in the first place made them man and woman? It says, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother and will live with his wife. The two will become one.’ So they are no longer two but one. Let no man divide what God has put together.” If you read the NT, Jesus actually spends most of his time talking about Hell, and that you need to avoid it, and how to avoid it.
  14. No, its actually really cool. Huge potential. No more flat tires for lawn mowers, no putting tubes in tires. Downside, as far as I am aware its a tire/rim combo. Cannot separate them. http://www.michelintweel.com/
  15. The tire industry has been making prototype tires for years now. Different compounds and shapes are nothing new. Michelin has been working on an airless tire for awhile now. I believe its in production for atvs thats a tire/rim combo.
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