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  1. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zaush-adam-wan.34183/page-20#post-3155810 How sad
  2. Why am I not surprised? Adam Wan never had a good reputation to begin with and I'm not going to hold judgement until proven otherwise
  3. Don't have PS4 though I'm a veteran Monster Hunter Player. HR 330+ In MHgen and Grank 3 in MH4U Few things I want to touch on is how people reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally loves trying out insect glaives. To these players: please guys, glaives is not a noob-friendly weapon, don't go around online multiplayer and spam aerial attacks and for the love of God please maintain red extract
  4. I'd think North Korea will hunt these people down and kill them for defecting. Hope these people are properly hidden.
  5. I need an opinion Would you be OK with hugging a guy with a murrsuit if he cleaned the murrsuit properly? If I had $1000000 Shit dawg... I'd probably spend half of it on commission.
  6. The bible is just one huge story book. People take it waaaaay too seriously.
  7. I wonder if Uncledis freaked out
  8. Yet it's hard to ruin the career of anita sarkeeshian and the likes. Despite my overwhelming dislike towards Liberals, I can appreciate them to a very small degree. They balance us out. "The important thing is moral choice. Evil has to exist along with good, in order that moral choice may operate. Life is sustained by the grinding opposition of moral entities"
  9. What are the odds of people changing heart? Experience has told me people are just set for life.
  10. Come on guys, I hate everyone here but no fighting. please.. But to be honest this forum is like republicans in university :V
  11. I personally dont like diddling with kiddies. Let's put that into note OK? But what is everyone's opinion on age of consent. Sweden according to my swedish friend has a legal age of consent of 15. Must I condemn swedish for having sex with 15 year olds?
  12. We havent talked lately so I dont have an opinion about you
  13. People I cant deal with: 1. People who cant hold conversations. As in those people who says Hi and cant say anything else no matter how hard you try >:V 2. People who's selfish in conversations. Who keep talking about themselves 3. People who throw their weakness like it's a redeeming quality. Like people who actually brags stuff like autism or depression. 4. Overly sensitive people 5. Attention Whores People who I generally like: 1. Knight in sour armor 2. People who can influence me in many subjects (I'm not the brightest apple in the bunch) 3. People who can take a joke
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