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  1. One cause for such irritability is a lack of REM sleep, as made apparent in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode,"Night Terrors." I'm sure you've seen it. All the crew members we're getting more and more volatile. Guinan even had to take out a phaser rifle to silence them. I myself felt tired the last couple of weeks, but a trip to my local chiropractor has made me feel much better. If you feel well rested and healthy enough.. then you're probably being controlled by the alien entity from Beta XII-A. It feeds off of violence. You should try and stop feeling that way before your ship loses power like the Enterprise(NCC-1701) almost did in the Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove." Good Spirits may also help to combat it. Try laughing with Klingons. Whatever you do, remember that the best advice anyone can give you, is to watch more Star Trek.
  2. Not thinking about life after High School seems common. Why, my High School College writing teacher said that some seniors would flunk on purpose, just so they wouldn't have to move on yet. It remind me very much of that Star Trek Deep Space 9 episode, "It's Only a Paper Moon," in which Nog was afraid to move out of the Holosuite. He said,"Anything could happen to me, Vic. I could die tomorrow. I don't know if I'm ready to face that. If I stay here, at least I know what the future is going to be like." In an unrelated note I had a terrible experience with Geek Squad. I'm pretty sure their job is to scam people.
  3. Man... That happened to Spock in the Star Trek episode,"The Galileo Seven." Spock had made an "emotional decision" to dump the fuel so that they'd be noticed and be rescued, even though they'd die faster. The other crew members gave him SUCH a hard time about it even though it worked out and didn't even seem emotional to me. That's why I'm afraid to not talk about Star Trek.
  4. We all have our slowdowns. Just think of it like the Star Trek Voyager episode "Night" where they entered a region of space with no stars or systems. Everybody on the ship was bored, irritable, or depressed, but things picked up again. I found that in the old forums, it seemed busier, but really it was the same topics over and over again, so I lost interest, which is what Rhíulchabán said. I found myself talking about the same four or so episodes of star trek over and over, because that's all people were giving me. It was almost as bad as the Star Trek The Next Generation episode "Cause and Effect" with the enterprise being destroyed again and again... I'm not sure what can be done to avoid that sort of thing. In the old forums, there were some stickies of the most common topics that helped a bit to avoid duplicates, but then they ended up with more than a thousand replies, which I feel is too big a thread to get into if you're not already. I think these forums are satisfactory at present, but I don't know about being rewarding. There were times that I myself didn't feel appreciated, with people talking about how they set me to ignore, and were irritated to see my quotes from others, or just the fact that I posted because even if they couldn't see my post they know it was about Star Trek which bothered them for some inconceivable reason, but I just kept posting anyway. Some things just need to be said. Kinare has the right idea there.
  5. Granted, but It's from a replicator, and has synthehol instead of alcohol, and has no bite to it. I wish for erectile dysfunction.
  6. Skullmiser


    I don't know myself well enough to tell if I am autistic, but my father likes to insist that I am for various reasons, such as my handwriting being poor for a long time. Here is a real-life anecdote regarding myself and autism: The last time my cellular telephone was in need of replacement, I was given a "free upgrade" to a smart phone which I hated. I didn't hate it just because flip phones are more attractive and were pioneered by Star Trek: The Original Series. My nails are very long, you see, and so touch screens are very awkward and imprecise for me. I would have hated to be stuck with such a device. I absolutely refused to use it. I informed my Father I'd walk over to the phone store a mile or two away, and return it for a new new one with buttons. The store wouldn't take it, being a free upgrade, and directed me to another store, five more miles away, but I couldn't find it, and wound up walking around twelve miles that day mostly aimlessly. I'd have called for a ride, but I told myself that I'd rather die than use that stupid touch screen. Upon my return I found that a missing person's report was filed. I was pretty sure that I would have needed to have been gone longer than 24 or 48 hours for that, so that was odd. My brother tells me that my father told the police that I was autistic, so that they would look for me. My brother also tells me that my mannerisms, in the presence of the officers while I spoke with them, were indestinguishable from one who has autism. Troj, I liked your post regarding people who are excited to have a diagnosis. it reminds me very much of the Star Trek The Next Generation episode: Phantasms, when Data was very excited at the possibility of having a neurosis. His reasons were different, though. He liked the idea because it meant he was more like everyone else.
  7. I share your dislike of arrogance, Toshabi, so I won't quote an episode of Star Trek in this post, I'll just say that a great man once said," Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgments." If you want your Napoleon friend to share this mentality, then all you have to do is have him watch Star Trek: First Contact.
  8. In my senior year of Highschool, I took a college writing class, and one of the assignments was to write a college application essay to help explain the kind of person you were, accomplishments or role models were suggested subjects. I wrote mine on my Role Model Spock, which received a "C" grade, but got me accepted into a school that I didn't end up attending anyway. I just could not become enthusiastic for anything in that or a few other classes until I started challenging myself to include Star Trek in all of my assignments. Casey Smythe, my teacher, late that year told me," No more Star Wars references," to which I, stunned, replied," Okay!" I heard that some students would intentionally flunk senior courses, so that they would avoid change in their lives, and spend another year in school. My grades were remarkably average. I think state colleges are very easy to get into, and community colleges even easier. I was told I probably wouldn't get into a good school, and that I should do two years of community college, and then transfer to a major university, but I didn't do that. I just went to Nothern Arizona University for four years. It wasn't very fulfilling, and now I have student loan debt, and no job that uses my Biology degree.
  9. This makes little sense to me. Would they not have to ban many other games as well? Lots of games can cause enmity. Remember when Icheb defeated Tuvok in a game of Kal-toh in the Star Trek Voyager episode," End Game?" Much disappointment and ill feelings ensued. What about Checkers, Kadis-kot, or Monopoly? All the same, really.
  10. I read your heartfelt post several times. Much of it is very familiar to me, because In many ways you are like one of my favorite Star Trek characters, Annika Hansen(Seven of Nine) Being assimilated into the Borg collective at age seven, she also did not have much social interaction, and also missed out on real relationships. All she had was Unimatrix Zero, which was a kind of dream world certain drones shared where they could experience a semblance of individuality and experience emotions. It was more than that, though, because it was their only form of escape. It was was very depressing for her when it was destroyed. After that, she ALSO felt how alone she really was. She tried to "perfect" her social skills in the Star Trek Voyager episode, "Human Error," and she did have some of those feelings again(romance and the like), but a Borg Fail-safe device activated by emotions almost killed her for it, JUST like your anal sex seems dangerous to you. Even without the intimacy, though, I think Seven came out alright, just like you probably will. You should watch the episode I mentioned if you haven't already. In fact, you should watch all of Star Trek Voyager. I realize this thread is a couple of weeks old, so do you have results from a doctor's visit yet? How are you?
  11. I must ask you, ysodelicious, What did you think of the ending to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Outcast?" The conversion therapy you mentioned did exist for a species known as the J'naii. In fact, it was mandatory that everyone be the same. Everyone who went through it supposedly led happier and more fulfilling lives, but it also scared some people because of how different their personalities were. I think that the best thing for you would be to watch this episode if you haven't, to gain some more perspective. I do believe it will help you.
  12. Not everyone is that superficial. Remember the Doctor from the Star Trek Voyager episode," Lifesigns?" Well you kind of remind me of Danara, the Vidiian who was very ugly because of the phage. She was in a pretty holographic body for a little while while she and the Doctor developed some romance. Being very ugly, she wasn't used at all to being complimented. She ended up almost killing herself so that she wouldn't have to go back to that ugly body, but it didn't even matter to the Doctor. He was more impressed with her medical knowledge and personality! The best advice that anyone can give you, is to watch more Star Trek. For me, everyone is ugly. I don't think that I've ever been attracted to anyone's appearance. It's always something I have to overcome.
  13. Yes! For instance, those of Klingon heritage are born with ridges/wrinkles, and are pronounced even if the last Klingon ancestor was two generations ago, which really upset B'Elanna Torres in the Star Trek Voyager episode "Lineage," because she detested her ancestry, and didn't want her child to have those ridges. I myself am pale, but I am going to look young forever and never get wrinkles because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which also gives me constant joint pain.
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