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  1. Rather than that........ Why?!
  2. Finally! New UsUm news! Much excite! Comic sans. :V
  3. I'm so thirsty for more UsUm news right now. Been tiding myself with explorers of sky in the meantime.
  4. Well Nintendo e3 Direct was much better than both Sony and Xbox imo. Metroid was a pleasant surprise. Didn't expect an announcement for that. Heard that mp4 isn't gonna be developed by retro studios tho. No wonder they said they weren't working on a new Metroid game. More importantly tho, Pokémon main core game for switch. Best news Ever. Won't be coming out for more than a year but that's something I'll be definitely be looking forward to. Time to get a switch.
  5. Yep. Man. TThis is a much better trailer than their announce trailer for the evil within 2. Why didn't they use this instead.
  6. If i had to rate the E3 Press cons that I've watched 1. SONY 2. Ubisoft 3. Bethesda (this is high on my list cuz of the evil within 2) 4. EA 5. Microsoft
  7. Also shadow of the colossus! And I'm glad about the horizon expansion. I'm so ready to come back!
  8. Well I've found a lot of the games I want in Sony than any other press conference. Tho they don't have a big exclusive for fall this year.
  9. Omg. I never would've thought I'd be so giddy in a ubisoft presser. But beyond good and evil 2!
  10. The evil within 2 is announced! October 23! I'm satisfied with Bethesda's e3 showcase!
  11. I dunno why but the presser for Xbox was kinda meh for me. Games iinterested in tho.. Assassins creed, life is strange 2, cup head and ori
  12. Scorpio is now Xbox one X
  13. Well well well. This just dropped. New Kingdom hearts 3 trailer.
  14. People were dissapointed because they put a lot of expectations into a mainline pokemon game for switch. I personally am excited for UsUm. Also, iirc, Retro Studos did confirm that were not working on a new metroid game. So I'd be really surprised if they got anything metroid to show this E3 I think there is one game that stood out to me in the EA presser. It's A Way Out. So Far, it looks really interesting. A story driven co-op game. and it features local Co-Op which ye don't see very often these days.
  15. As much as they are nice spin offs and all, it's not on the same scale as the original tactics. I still play them repeatedly tho. And bangaa cannoneer is the most awesome class! But yeah, a proper tactics sequel on the same epic scale as the first tactics is long due by now.
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