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  1. Spoilers Out of Context

    Turns out, even dogs go to jail for giving false evidence and lying in court.
  2. The Consumerism Thread

    I would totally buy a bag like that (and alter it to suit my tastes) but it's pretty cute. question about GameStop in America: are they ever attached to hobby shops? More and more around here they are expanding ours out with a second brand to sell all their knick knacks. (well it's EB Games here but the parent company is the same I believe)
  3. Free doodles of your oc/sona! :)

    Wow! That is like, a perfect expression for him and I looooveeee the eyes. I really like the amount of contrast you can manage with so few shades. It really is quite striking and unique. Thanks sooo much (: (I like how you pasted it twice into your OP edit )
  4. I'm Not Gay Enough

    Literally his second post in that thread.
  5. I'm Not Gay Enough

    So about 6 months ago then. Nothing but a family furriendly furrum ever since :^)
  6. from the galaxy, meow

    Yo! Kai-nda seeing a theme here or the ghost of one. A spirit perhaps ;p Keep up the good/cute work! Love seeing it.
  7. I can't stay logged in.

    This started happening yesterday roughly like 20 or so hours ago to me atleast. I thought it was my phone being weird but yeah seems like this is what's happening.
  8. red savage friend

    Some people make their living by patenting things then aggressively suing anyone who "steals" their (non-existant product) idea. Copyright and patenting law is really weird and outdated.
  9. Me IRL

  10. Moogle's Noodles

    Another Moogle art thread? let me just go hit that follow button......
  11. Things that you hate! v2

    Given your propensity for picking internet fights with people allover without regard to their feelings or the situation actually being something that involves or effects you, I am amazed at your lack of foresight and self reflection in this. It must be everyone else fault.
  12. So what your saying is.... What you have described is not someone you'd date because they have no creativity at all just doing what the industry does?
  13. Sony...what are you doing?

    The trick is to stop buying stupid consoles and just use a PC. Despite microsofts attempts you will still have more control over the system. (You can even use your controllers still) Also people have had mods on PC well before those games ever released their creation kits. Like day 1 unofficial patches that fix all the inevitably broken shit (it's a Bethesda game we are talking about) all provided from third party websites that don't have a huge corporate interference. In summation: PC master race, get out console pleb :V
  14. No Man's Sky

    Meanwhile, in Australia.....
  15. "Don't forget you're here forever"

    No Checkbox, didn't vote.