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  1. I have not seen a thread for it, so here I am making (or is it weaving?) one. As you can see from the title, this is a discussion about Guillermo Del Toro's most recent foray into animation, Trollhunters. I am coming fresh off of a marathon of the second season, so I fear my opinion has not had time to properly settle. In the mean time, let's hear your thoughts. Lucky Owl, critic of fiction, studio and fan owned alike.
  2. To be truthful, I've never liked it when celebrities of any kind sang Christian songs. To me, the old hymns and prayers were for communities coming together despite their differences and views, sometimes even faiths. Not for one person or specific group to demonstrate their talents or how pretty their voices are.
  3. At first, I just chose an animal that could be found in my state and combined it with what I fancy myself as being on occasion, lucky and a critic. After a while however, I began to develop him a little more, until Lucky simply took on a life of his own. Of course, most would assume that I chose a Great Horned Owl because owls in general are viewed as being smart and wise, when in truth they are rather vicious and... not too bright, to put it lightly. Those two things helped me realize later on why I let this mask of mine grow so dear: Vicious, in that critics are often seen as nothing more than naysayers and self righteous pricks that loves nothing more than to tear people down, and their dimness as a reference to how people I know keep telling me "you're smart, you're smart" when I know that I am not as bright as they say. There is more to my character, but I will stop myself now while there is still a chance anyone will read this.
  4. Well, I would like to make a request then. A lanky, tawny-eyed, ash-feathered Great horned Owl with his right horn feather missing, in a black dress suit with a cowboy tie in place of a bowtie (if you do the whole body, I'm perfectly ok with just the face). It doesn't have to be too big, just enough to replace my icon. Thank you immensely, if you accept.
  5. Welcome to our little corner of the internet, dearie. I'm a local critic. Please deposit your fanfictions to me for either compliments or advice on how to painlessly sever your hands for disrespecting the art of literature. I know, it's too kind of me.
  6. Rolling about in my 1980 Crown Victoria, coke in hand while listening to this over the radio... The nostalgia's almost addictive, though best left where it lay.
  7. I remember when my grandmother would tell stories of the tainted kitre, this one especially. Now, this song is practically all that is left of this old legend.
  8. I am creating this thread for the sole purpose (pun unintended) of helping others farm for items, especially covenant items, all throughout the Dark Souls series. If you have items you want to farm, or simply want to be a good Samaritan, set your password to "The Farm" (don't forget to capitalize) and place you red sign, invade, or wait to be summoned/invaded to your hearts content. I shall see you on the Farming Channel, fellow covenanteers!
  9. Arron "Lucky" Owll: Some say Arron is passionate like no other about reading and writing. Others say he is obsessed with it. Despite all that, Arron is easy to get along with, friendly even, as long as you carry a healthy respect for the written word. People who have seen him with those who write off or disrespect literature have described it as "watching a train wreck on a freeway during rush hour". Otherwise, he will happily talk, share his experiences, learnings, and opinions with, even help you. without a moments hesitation. Provided, of course, you have his hard-earned trust before hand. Being polite to someone and being their friend are two very different, yet important, things to him. He attempts to hide his low class, southern upbringing by hiding his accent and putting on a mask of sophistication. Though, his complete disregard for differences of gender, race, class, and country, his afore-mentioned obsession/passion for literature, as well as his family's infamous temper, tend to make him drop both efforts in favor of what he believes is right, needed, or in anger.
  10. I appreciate it when a story is properly written. Shocking, indeed. I also appreciate it when a story that deals with magic or alternate realities does not become ridiculous, convoluted, nor "fairy tale-esque". That last one leaves a foul taste in my mouth just by saying (well, typing) it.
  11. I will confess to one thing: I am a hopeless, HOPELESS romantic. A complete addict, not for the "hard and fast" or "hot and lustful" kind, but for the soft, slow, dim-lit room, listening-to-the-tin-roof-during-a-storm-while-cuddling-on-the-couch kind. To make matters worse, I don't see myself as the one holding the other, but as the one being held in those day-dreams. I am almost too easily swayed by thoughts and ideas of loving, of being loved, and of all those all little moments in between. I even lose myself to it when I'm alone, leaving myself staring at nothing. The worst is that when I'm in bed, I'll often give in to a flight of fancy of being held by another, feeling their warmth, listening to their heartbeat, hearing those sweet nothings. It always makes the nights a little less cold. I am truly pathetic, as you can see. I mean, good Heavens, I sound like some starry eyed teenage school-girl, yet to experience the world. I am well aware that these fantasies are entirely unrealistic, not to mention I am what is known as a "bear" in real life (a large, hairy, homosexual male). Not to mention nobody would want someone who is stuck living with is mother, and is currently attempting to test for a HiSET because he got kicked out of his last school. So, as you can see, it is highly unlikely that I would find myself in any kind of romantic relationship, let alone one where I can draw someone close for those tender moments. I apologize to you, dear reader, for putting you through such petty idealism and whining. This has been Lucky Owl, self proclaimed critic of Fiction.
  12. I would like to thank you all for your advice. While I may not be able to pursue some of these avenues due to financial constraint, I at least have a place to start. It is my hope that at least some of what I will say will make her think. I wish you luck in your own endeavors, those of you that struggle with the same difficulty, whether it be your friends, family, or yourself.
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