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  1. Has anyone here commissioned Don't Hug Cacti before? I am on the fence about commissioning them. They have really cute suits, but they are pretty expensive (last time I was quoted at $3700 for my fursona, and he is not even that intricate of a character). This is not to say they aren't worth it, and if I decide to go with them I can find a way to afford it. Has anyone here commissioned them, and what has been your opinion? I have also heard mixed reviews about them from 2012-2013 commissioners, but I have also heard lots of positive things too. Alternatively, I am open to other suggestions. Is there anyone who recommends a fursuit makers who can do a really nice job with a toony ferret? Money is not as much of an issue for me as quality is, and I want to make sure I am paying for a high quality, nice suit that I can use for a really long time. I have been considering Mischief Makers as well, but they do not open for commissions until July. Art by Neon Slushie, Scribbles the Ferret belongs to me.
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