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  1. I don't enjoy most of them, especially the really big ones, so I have them turned off. I felt it would also be the reasonable thing for me not to have one anymore, either.
  2. Your kindness is appreciated. Turns out I gave the dude the wrong number by accident, and we are talking again. /dramaqueen
  3. I've never been able to "fake love". I'm so picky, and so honest....it makes it really hard to manipulate people.
  4. When you sleep with someone that you had an awesome evening with, and they turn out to have actually hated your guts enough to ignore you completely afterwards.
  5. Vector Marketing....oh how gullible the desperate can be.
  6. So far, the only non-legendary Gen 7 pokemon I like are the Regional Variants.... A Sandcastle pokemon? Haha gg.
  7. Hmmm...literally anyone can run a website, even big ones like FA. Run them well? Well...that's another matter entirely.
  8. It saddens me that I may not be able to live on a space colony within my lifetime....
  9. Ieono

    Ant Hell

    Well, that may be a tragic byproduct, but I think that being hardwired to cooperate (even to death) is pretty neato.
  10. Ieono

    Ant Hell

    Well they either work together, or they die. Even ants aren't so stupid that they'd refuse to cooperate with each other in such a situation. Humans also cooperate to ensure their mutual survival in such situations, so there isn't much of a difference. We all do what we must to go on living, especially when death is all around us. It actually reminds me of the concentration camps....
  11. I have a comic book store and a hobby shop that I visit each week, too. I've been going to them for about a year, and I always stay a bit to talk about comic news/new models. It's a great feeling to shop at a place that makes you feel welcome like that. I've even got some free back issues, and regular discounts on my paints/kits. That's why I prefer shopping at small local stores, because the employees are usually a bit more invested in their workplace. I can expect to see the same people each week, haha.
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