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  1. Closing this again. It served as good warmup, but I think I should focus on the commission game from here on. Http://www.twitter.com/gorgeouswolve Thanks for the likes and maybe I'll be back again, if I get no attention.
  2. @Caledonian There's the boy! edit: Also posted up over on Twitter. editt: And now on FA too.
  3. Opening this again for a little bit! I miss drawing animal people.
  4. @Cham edit: Oh! And here's a small sheet of character drawings if anyone wants to have a go at one of mine.
  5. I like people of my own gender, race, and economic background. Don't like people with lisps or kind hearts.
  6. I have depressingly little commentary on people because I'm dense and ignorant about the world, but it's nice to see myself reflected in the nice archetypes laid out here. Suppose the only kind of person I really can't deal with are the obnoxiously disruptive types who just wear away at people by being intentionally contradictory or pedantic. Trolls, essentially. Black holes of conversation. I'm a bit of a shitposter who says weird and inaccessible shit sometimes too though, so I can't complain too much. People I really like? I don't know. Like, people who talk about things and make jokes? I've no idea. Like this post if you also have miserable character judgement skills.
  7. Tyrannosauruses are a bit funny and I didn't have much to go on, so I essentially just drew some more lizard faces? Not sure what sort of style or build you'd go for with an anthro form, but if you fancy making any more suggestions, I'm happy to do some more on this character. I like that big blocky face, so consider your request still open. If making an anthro character is what you fancy, I'm interested in working with you on it.
  8. Yeah no worries, I got it. I'm going to be slow on requests while I clean up what I've got in my inbox. Yours is on the checklist too! Closing requests for now though. I've got maybe 5 requests outstanding, and I want to have a little while where I've got none to think about before I start taking more. I had a dream where I got really worried that I'd missed a request, which is a sign that having it in the back of my mind is actually taking a small toll on me, haha. I'll fulfill requests for Tyranno and Fenrir here, 1 person on Twitter, and 2 people on Telegram, and then I'll take the break.
  9. Kinda basic right now, since I'm mostly just messing around with texture and overlays and stuff. It's a lot of fun. If you can think of a cool pose, I can come back to you again later to do a more substantial thing. The most fun part of all this is pretending I'm andy warhol in photoshop
  10. hahaha oh my god end me. Feeling like that was done with either my mouse or trackpad. And if it was with my tablet (which I still use) it was before I realised I hadn't installed it correctly and it worked like shit. Blast from the past though for real.
  11. I am so over reflections, but I'll absolutely use this as an excuse to draw a goat in the current style I'm enjoying right now, after returning to the style of some doodles I did a while back.
  12. Anatomy's not my strongest suit, so this Thinker-inspired response is kind of more along the lines of a study, really. Since I legitimately just drew the statue a bunch of times and tacked your character's head on one of them. Fantastic practice though, and I quite like the look of the result, even if it's not super creative or inspired. I could do another though, maybe more of a chest-up portrait with an interest in getting some hand pose practice in. If you've got a good idea for that, I'd absolutely have a go with that, too. I enjoy your character.
  13. Some thinking about last page. On the subject of online exposure and social climbing, one insidious method I've seen, and attempted for a while, was to be one of those porn-reblog-blogs whose admin has an active presence and persona within the blog. I figured you could probably use that to build a following by reblogging other peoples' work, trick people into becoming invested in you as an individual, and then abandon ship when you've 'matured'. If I was a good enough artist to begin with, I'd probably have tried swinging that method at the time, for the fun of seeing if I could if nothing else. By luck of sending a lot of public messages to people, I'd gotten a steady flow of new followers, and then I noticed it was gross (ie. got hate mail for careless tagging) and stopped. Social climbing feels awful, when I know all I really want is a small group of artists who are interested in sharing and talking about their work. If someone has a telegram channel like that, please hmu. Making an art Twitter and asking my friends to follow it made me feel like an ass. I worry a lot about it for someone who isn't in a position to do commissions yet. A friend of mine irl has some ridiculous number of followers on his art instagram (for someone I know personally). For one because he's really good; and for two because he has been consistently posting speed paints and vlogs on Youtube for several years. He laments that a lot of his following consists of teenagers and trendy anime kids, but I guess it's still cool to have a following, right??? Even if you don't really respect them as peers because they only like you for who you used to be??? I recognise that despite his followers, he's not really that fulfilled. He just has that endorphin button option of being able to post sketches for a confidence boost. A small group of peers could do the same. Somewhat related. The frontman of the band Eels got successful quick off his first album, but when he played live shows he got flack for not playing the music the way it sounded on the radio. His second album was hard to release because his manager said it was too said. He fired his manager and managed to convince other people of it's worth. He went through a lot of shit with subsequent albums as well. Either it wasn't the same as the last album, or didn't have a good single. Stuff like that. But he stuck to his guns for the most part, and his music is really well regarded and respected for it. All main course, no bubblegum. In the success of his first album, he was being chewed up by the MTV mainstream machine. After that he was making real art, and lucky for him he'd earned his spot in the public eye with his hit single for him to get recognition for it. "Things The Grandchildren Should Know" by Mark Oliver Everett is a great memoir and if you like Eels, I recommend it a lot.
  14. That works. Clothes are a massive copout anyway, so that's a different kind of challenge. I'll jump on it tomorrow, I look forward to it! edit: Now that I think on it, I won't do the chair joke for this one. Your mention of The Thinker got me on another train of thought for what I'll do. The problem with the joke about the chair is that it actually lends validity to the artwork, because then you're making something interesting out of the idea of defining objects by their function. Like One and Three Chairs as a thinking point is just a grindstone for contemplating definition, which shit like that always is. Sure there's the "this is not a pipe" painting, but that only offers one form to get fucked up thinking about, whereas One and Three Chairs offers 3, with different capacities for presence and function, and thus more layers of abstraction to consider. The frustrating thing is that no matter how little skill there is in it, it's insistently relevant. Nevermind. If/when I do a comic making the joke, the 1st 4 panels will be the joke, and the next 16 pages will be the resulting mental breakdown as the comic becomes more and more abstract as it's form and structure degrade into nothingness until the final page is a black swirl with the words NO RELIEF printed in red.
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