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  1. I felt so old hat the other day passing a fidget spinner kiosk at the mall while playing Pokemon GO
  2. I will help you flip me over, and thank you for the friendly interaction! And I will continue to help people, albeit upside-down. And with my good deeds, I know a good citizen will help me back on my feet. I am sorry to hear about that, is there anything I can do to ease your discomfort? Even if it means staying away from you?
  3. Due to a court order, I am throwing away my sexual predator tendencies and embracing my new persona, the resident safety turtle. My role as safety turtle is to ensure everyone feels safe and is having a good time. I hope all of you have a nice day!
  4. To be honest I feel more like a social outcast for playing the game rather than not playing the game! I wish I gained weight, then I would have an excuse to go outside and eat less food than my mother makes me eat. My mother does not like video games. Also, the last thing I want to do is an activity with my mother, if she started playing, I would probably quit. The alternative you listed is enticing, but GO really is a lot more exciting for me than Sun and Moon.
  5. When I look up 'revolver jesus' on YouTube and the first result is exactly what I wanted 8)
  6. I'm trying to figure out how I can go outside and play Pokemon GO for the Easter event, but I can't think of any ways to actually play it. My mother does not like it when I play Pokemon GO so I try to play it in secret. I cannot tell her that I am going out for a walk, because I do not usually go out for walks and she will realize that it is for Pokemon GO. I cannot just tell her that I am going to do errands, because she will want to know what those errands are. I can think of at least one legitimate errand I can do, but it won't take long, and if I spend too much time outside she will get suspicious. I cannot outright lie and say I have to go to work or meet friends, because I would feel guilty about it, and if she caught me, I am sure it would cause a lot of commotion. I was sort of hoping my mother would go and do her own errands sometime during the Easter event but it seems like she does not need to do any or has been doing them while I am at work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about playing Pokemon GO without being chastised by my mother?
  8. I see Google's doing their April Fool's joke early this year
  9. Thank you, you are wonderful too, my friend, in every way.
  10. me This is not a shitpost I actually mean it
  11. Really? Birds can't get rabies? I didn't know that! I learned something today, thank you! Of course, it could be infested with any number of other diseases. I know at least that pigeons carry diseases and should be treated with caution.
  12. I don't want to hurt an animal, I am scared the animal will hurt me, the animal may be highly stressed, I am worried the animal might be rabid
  13. A goose hissed at me today Story of my life
  14. I was listening to some Castlevania music I had in my YouTube playlist and I idly decided to click into one of the random uploader's channels because I thought their avatar was cute... and I watched some of his videos...
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