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  1. This was on one of the tumblr blogs I go to. It's hard to look at.
  2. This is the kind of shiz that keeps me away from cons
  3. So you wouldn't kick someone if they shoved their nose in your butt? I mean it's kind of a reflex.
  4. Zeke please tell me Kage got onto them, that would be hilarious
  5. You are my favorite person. I have not been to a furcon yet so i don't know the extent of it yet hah
  6. Quite simple, any stories about furs, weebs or bronies that just make you wince or cringe at the thought? Also feel free to share pics of cringeworthy ones as well. This thread isnt to bash others but simply for a laugh. I went to Texas Comicon last year and saw some horrible weebs, like neckbeard, 400+ pounds, looks like they had not showered for weeks, katanas, waifu pillow cases and all. Just horrible.
  7. Jesus..in a way this is worse then the Tumblr con that happened in Las Vegas i believe it was.
  8. Just wanting a simple colored full body of my cat Cinnamon. Hes a male, anthro cat. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19050717/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16766243/ Just wearing a white zip up hoodie, jeans and if possible black and white converse :3 Thanks! EDIT: If possible can you give him black, stud snakebite piercings? thanks!
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