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  1. These bitcoins would be a disaster and failure for Uncle Scrooge, who would not like them at all, as evidenced from the last page of US#1:
  2. Happy Holidays, and a special thanks to @Faust, who always manages to post off-beat things that make me laugh. Let's see, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve; got two pairs of retro 1980s style Puma sneakers, a dozen socks, several bottles of wine, some very nice cigars, and a few friendly furs did some nice commissions of my skunk character/fursona, and I got a bit of money, so I think I can finally buy a new used computer! Hope everyone has a nice time, and that Santa doesn't leave turds in your stockings, and stuff. : P
  3. Oh...modern sculpture! That or I think it would be fun to make and design fireworks. A sort of fleeting ephemeral art but I love seeing them and view it as an art of sorts.
  4. Out comes a 'Tickle Me Elmo' In goes two foxes, and a baguette
  5. That's curious, that's something I always thought would be amazing. I saw this sculpture in DC that really impressed me, by Roxy Paine, and I thought of fun it looked, to make things like this: Or, Installation pieces, like this: (Gilles Barbier)
  6. I dunno if this place needs more buttons, but if there's no posts to use them on, well, who cares? Might wanna think about why everyone pretty much left, and think of ways to build a community. I mean, sure...it's fun to be sarcastic, caustic, and all, I like that too, it's a good release,...but comes a time, when your forum is drying up, and you might wanna ask why.
  7. That's nice to hear! Plus, it's always exciting to decorate, and arrange stuff, and just have your own space. Congrats, and hope you're happy, there.
  8. Clam chowder, when it starts to get cold.
  9. I duuno, I find them amusing. I haven't posted much, but this gives a whole new way to comment on posts, either genuinely or with irony, without really posting at all. Hopefully, they also bring some more traffic back to the forums, seems very slow...nosed in and posted some, but geez, it's very quiet here these days. Lots of furs I miss seeing. Well, now folks can react with haha, sad, and confused, at least
  10. It takes the passive aggressive nature of 'likes' to a whole new level, certainly : P
  11. I know, right? As it wore on, I found out our block was in the last few miles, and the 'runners' got slower and slower. Part of me did wanna pass out hot dogs, Cheetos and ice cream cones! And a few hours after it ended, and normalcy resumed, the ice cream truck went though by...it's curious, to hear these still, they seem as if from a distant past. Working on one, hearing that same little musical jingle over and over again must get tiresome!
  12. There's a marathon going down our street today...walking to the store, it was hard to cross the street again with my frozen pizzas, soda and other (oh so healthy) groceries!
  13. Never said they did. Still and all, I'm more scared of priests and republicans than furries, any day. :V If anything Republicans have an even more difficult problem in admitting to such things happening; just look at the current groper in chief...or Foley, or Hastert, or the most recent Gov. of Alabama who finally was forced to step down...in many ways, furs seem more likely to see there's a problem.
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