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  1. Barbarian guy! Sketchy and a bit messy but calling it done ☺️
  2. This just came in the mail today. It’s a lamp which connects you to another person through a single touch! After having it for just a couple of hours, I’d totally recommend to those who are in a long distance relationship.
  3. It’s an alright game, got it just the other week. Love using the insect glaive, but the time spent getting the buffs and staying ontop of sharpening (& chasing a running dino after getting fully buffed, urg) can get a tad annoying. Might just need to switch up weapons, but really adore the air time with it and would hate to give it up just ‘cause of a few downfalls. Your character looks badass btw QT! Have you decided on which weapon you’re leaning towards yet, or are ya still having a tough time picking?
  4. @Victor-933 Jokes on you! I was dumb even before reading that, huzzah <3
  5. Been a week since I made this and still am super proud. Usually dislike my colouring in comparison to full b/w pieces, so I think I'm making pretty good progress. Kickass! Adore fight scenes with intensive lighting. Welcome to the forums, btw!
  6. Interesting read. This never even crossed my mind when drawing a character; having a specific feature pop to make them more recognizable from all sorts of angles. I mean, drawing big ears & tail (for example) is one thing, but having the same facing of those at a different view seems to be a simple/easier way of keeping consistency. Though I guess it might be more difficult to do than I think it is (simple doesn't mean it's any less tricky) - time to silhouette some characters up!
  7. Welcome to the forums, DarkShark! We can count on you to bite them bots to pieces - chompchomp 💕
  8. Those who are inconsiderate of others. 🙃 Getting real tired of seeing it constantly.
  9. What a cutie!! Mwaha, adore how you added in the fire. Thanks so much Cham! (her name's Leona btw, I shoulda mentioned woops xD) Sorry for taking a bit, here's Stark
  10. @Cham Stark the shark! <3 I'll start him asap. Only things I can think of is having a pretty simplistic background, sorta to match how she is. Also a happy vibe, but other than that you can noodle however you like.
  11. Sweet, activity in this section of the forum again! 😁 If you're still accepting trades, could I grab a slot? Here's my ref if you are:
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