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  1. I miss you :(

    I hope you're doing okay, wherever you are out there

  2. Some great English there...
  3. Okay, I'm thinking I'm going to go with Dragon Deregan. However, I still want a cobra character so I'm going to make a cobra rival. I think I'll make him a lawman.
  4. You're driving on the highway at night. The shroud of darkness in front of you is wiped away by the illumination of your headlights. Your stomach starts rumbling because you haven't eaten since you left. You glance at the time; 11:26 PM. No place in their right mind would be open by now. Desperate for food, you drive down the closest highway exit in hope of finding a restaurant. You come across a lone fast food restaurant off the side of the road called "Forky's." You have never heard of such a franchise in your life and assume it's just a local thing. You enter the restaurant and see nothing but empty booths and tables. You see staff behind the counter, but none at the cash register. What do you do?
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