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  1. Dr. Pepper or Cola or Pepsie

    But you're drinking Fargo. If you had said Faygo maybe I'd have put two and two together :V
  2. I'll do it tonight. Plus side of getting ready for finals is that I have no homework.
  3. furriendship furriday nice thread (◕‿◕✿)

    I hope you all have a a great weekend full of gaiety and merriment.
  4. The Singing Thread

    Vocaroo is good for this kind of thing.
  5. How do you cut YOUR toast?

    Who cuts toast? This is an affront to common decency, and the American way of life©.
  6. Secret Thread

    Not as cool as Johnny 5
  7. unpopular opinions

    It's ok- I'm white :^)
  8. 3rd Presidential Debate Viewing Party!

    Watching these debates is like watching a slow motion train wreck. Into an orphanage. Full of kittens. So yes I'll be there.
  9. unpopular opinions

    That's why it's an unpopular opinion lol. It really is me seeing the worst and ignoring the best, and there are some incredible kids ouf there. I go to school with a lot of them, and they astound me with their knowledge. Still, I understand the old people. As far as anti-youth? Im very pro-youth. Especially in Asia. Thats right. Im pro youth in asia. I do stand by my opinion on Starbucks coffee 100% though. It sucks.
  10. If you want shoot me a picture and I can put it in there. I'll just trace it in SAI. Hell, I'm such a nice bloke I'll even color it for you.
  11. Rave: Look at my new chunk

    He's getting so big!!! (manly squeals)
  12. unpopular opinions

    I'd tell you all of the reasons you're wrong... But I don't want to crash the site. I agree with most older people's complaints about 'millennials.' Seriously kids shut the fuck up and stop bitching. You've had everything handed to you. Not my fault your 80 grand in debt getting a degree in therapeutic feminist dance theory and now you can't find a job. You know what job pays well? And what they need more of? Plumbers. There's no shame in an honest days work. But hell, you wouldn't know an honest days work if it bit you in the ass. Some kids today are fucking stupid, just like every generation. But the 'millennial' generation is the first one to shuttle their fuckwits en masse to college for some god forsaken reason.