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  1. Typical FA logic for ya there
  2. I hate being woken up too early and I hate going to sleep in general Also this generation has way too thin of a skin. Especially ever one on tumblr these days. Kids are sheltered too much unlikes the way it was in the 90s where cartoons are more funny/extreme and a bit gross. Some people need to take baths because holy crap I hate standing in line with you if you stink.
  3. I didn't know this, I feel a lot safer now at least.
  4. All of that for 50 a night ? Cheezus that looks amazing.
  5. I'd rather have Sanders win. I just don't trust Trump even though tons of people seem to like him.
  6. So much for transparency huh.
  7. Even weirder did you hear about the black hole thing. A light or some energy ball came out of it. That's insane yo
  8. Nah I think their sock puppets cause their replies are different depending on the situation. They could be actual people tho who knows.
  9. I don't understand the names of things like Yo Yos. Who names things, Who came up with words for things. Who decided a dog is a dog ? How come if you think about a word too much it becomes meaningless ? If nothing is faster than the speed of light how come the darkness is always there first. Is it because it's the absence of light in the first place.
  10. Hi there ! Thank you for welcoming me. The forums seem really lovely so far so I hope to stay for a long time.
  11. .Huh, I know Gazelle is active currently, but that's interesting hmm.
  12. Never been banned before shockingly. Unless you count a deviantart chatroom or something.
  13. I can't remember if i've forgotten to do any thing today or not...
  14. The forums seem alright so far. I plan on using both either way. Still hate IMVU though. Awful awful site.
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