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  1. Can I have my name changed to CETME please?
  2. My desire for a laptop is growing so much that I'm considering getting a cheap $100 HP at a pawnshop, and I have this thought at the back of my mind that they will suck.
  3. CETME

    My Hill!

    I pay the Gulf Cartel to send their sicarios to the hacienda and eliminate you. Me with the sicarios waiting.
  4. (I had this dream on the night before christmas so it made it weirder) From what I can remember I was squatting in fear on top of the ladder leading to my attic in my garage, there was a large rattlesnake coiled up near the edge of the driveway, the last thing I remember in the dream is my brother handing me one of my guns and me loading the magazine into it while my hands were shaking violently. Then that same brother woke me up in real life telling me it was Christmas.
  5. Out of all the places I've been that serve hamburgers, I have yet to find one that lets you choose to have your burger get cooked anything other than well done.
  6. You plan on watching the debate between Adam Kokesh and Christopher Cantwell tomorrow? 

    1. Rassah


      Obviously not since I missed this message and didn't even know about that :( I was busy at a Bitcoin conference that day too.

  7. They cost too much money for me
  8. I've been sticking to my two month old routine of working out everyday, and I look buffer than I did back in November. And it's actually helping my self esteem as well.
  9. The guy in the hardhat escapes the underground factory and he gets defeated in his drill suit.
  10. Do y'all know of any decent resources for me to learn Spanish and Portuguese? I've been trying to learn it since the end of last year.
  11. Alex Jones would make 1776 commence again, so George Washington and all the American revolution soldiers will rise from their graves and kill everyone in the HuffPost officies. Robbie Rotten vs biggie cheese
  12. Dr. Pepper I actually toured a bottling plant in Dublin, TX that was the last place where Dr. Pepper was bottled with the original formula a long time ago. Unfornately, the plant shut down in 2012.
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